Below Deck: Captain Lee Rosbach weighs in on Season 8 deck crew after Avery Russell’s sudden exit

Below Deck's Captain Lee thinks trouble is brewing for Season 8 deck crew.
Avery leaving left the Below Deck Season 8 crew and Captain Lee in a challenging spot. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach has weighed in on the Below Deck Season 8 deck crew after Avery Russell’s sudden exit in the premiere.

The season opener kicked off with a missing captain and a historic twist. Deckhand Avery, who was slated to be bosun Eddie Lucas’ right-hand man, had to leave after less than one day on the yacht. A family emergency forced Avery to exit mid-charter, leaving the deck team with Eddie, Shane Coopersmith, and James Hough.

Captain Lee has already expressed his excitement over having Eddie return as bosun. However, it is his thoughts on James and Shane that have caught fans’ attention.

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Shane Coopersmith

The captain is back to writing his blog following each episode. Captain Lee’s most recent one revealed what he thinks of his new deck team.

Shane starts his day off with yoga and meditation. Viewers watched Shane do his thing as the rest of the deck crew prepared the yacht for the charter guests. The moment did not go unnoticed by Captain Lee.

“If you want to go thru that routine of yours every day, I suggest you get up a bit earlier, so you’re not causing more work for your mates as you are getting to be one with the world,” the captain wrote.

The Below Deck star pointed out Shane walking in on the interior meeting and dealing with the straws when there were several other jobs Shane should have been doing.

Captain Lee wasn’t all critical of Shane. He does like the deckhand’s attitude. If Shane doesn’t get his priorities straight, though, they will butt heads.


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James Hough

The England native made it pretty clear that he prefers to do as little work as possible. James is all about the ladies and partying, not exactly a trait Captain Lee likes in his crew.

“I’m not sure where you think you are, but I fear that the attitude you’ve displayed so far, and by that I mean, you’re there to have fun, and maybe do a little work, will not bode well for you in the future. You may want to rethink that just a wee bit,” Captain Lee shared on his blog.

Despite James’ attitude, the captain has high hopes for the deckhand. Captain Lee did express that James did a good job in the first few days.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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