Izzy Wouters opens up about lengthy casting process for Below Deck Season 8

Below Deck stew Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters went through five months of a casting process to be on Bravo show.
Izzy called the casting process for Below Deck “long, but well worth it.” Pic credit: Bravo

Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters is opening up about the lengthy casting process for Below Deck Season 8 that earned her a spot working for Captain Lee Rosbach.

The Australian native made quite the impression in the premiere episode. She and the new chief stew, Francesca Rubi, butted heads a little.

Plus, charter guest Charley Walters had to jump behind the bar and help Izzy prepare drinks. It wasn’t all Izzy’s fault as the interior, which also includes Elizabeth Frankini, struggled to find their groove.

The casting process lasted five months

Izzy got real with Daily Mail Australia regarding what she went through to get cast on the Bravo yachting show. She admitted it took five months for her to finally get the word she was a confirmed My Seanna crew member.

The process consisted of endless interviews and evaluations before she was given the green light to film.

“They were very thorough. They want to make sure that you are actually qualified to work on a boat and that you’re a real yachtie and know what you’re doing,’ Izzy explained.

She also shared besides having a background check run, Izzy also endured several psych evaluations.

“You’re sticking a bunch of people on a boat, so you want to make sure these people are sane,” Izzy shared.

It is a fair point. There is enough crazy drama on Below Deck with people who are considered sane.

Izzy didn’t share specifics about the process, probably because she most certainly had to sign an NDA. She did admit all the interviews, evaluations, and time spent working towards getting cast was well worth it.


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Below Deck is the real deal

The realness of reality TV often surrounds the genre. Shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the Real Housewives franchises have been accused of scripting scenes, especially those filled with drama.

Izzy insists that is not the case with Below Deck. She is not the first person to express the reality TV show is not scripted.

“Everything that happens on the show is real. We’re just real normal people trying to make a living, and this is our job. It’s not like we’re Instagram models or anything like that, and that’s what appealed to me about the show,” Izzy insisted.

The crew members on Below Deck have some sort of yachting experience. Izzy has been working in the industry for four years. She is hoping the show will help her hone her yachting skills further.

Izzy Wouters went through quite the casting process to be on Below Deck Season 8. Based on the preview for the upcoming season, Izzy and the crew are in for one roller coaster of a charter season.

Below Deck airs Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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