Below Deck: EJ Jansen accuses Below Deck Med’s Hannah Ferrier of ripping off his yachting course

Below Deck Med's Hannah Ferrier blasted by Below Deck's EJ Jansen for ripping off his yachting course.
A Below Deck battle is brewing between Hannah and EJ. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum EJ Jansen has accused Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier of stealing his yachting course.

Yes, a Below Deck battle appears to be brewing after Hannah launched Ocean International Training Academy this summer. It turns out that EJ has a yachting course too. He blatantly states Hannah ripped him off.

EJ got candid regarding Hannah’s actions on the podcast Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef. The Below Deck Season 5 star dropped one heck of a bombshell on fans.

What did EJ say about Hannah?

Although Hannah and EJ have never met, the two are butting heads, as he put it.

“She literally word for word copied my Yacht University course and made it kind of her own,” EJ revealed.

EJ owns Yacht University, which is a copyrighted online course. He shared Hannah’s course has not only a similar name but also a layout. EJ spilled Hannah even used the “same exact photo for my course in one of her ads.”

One significant difference is that EJ has had Yacht University for over eight years. EJ has proof the course belongs to him. Hannah just launched her course, with Anastasia Surmava, after getting fired from Below Deck Mediterranean.

Since Yacht University is copyrighted, EJ could very well bring legal action against Hannah. Before going that route, he reached out to the former chief stew via Instagram DM, but EJ claims the conversation did not go well.

According to EJ, Hannah became defensive, “going ballistic” and directing him to speak to her lawyer. It was not his intention to get lawyers involved. EJ was hoping to work with Hannah.

Working together to build something great

EJ admitted that his initial thought was that the two could build a great, perhaps new yachting course.

“You know, maybe we could make, make a comradery for this thing. You know? Like you’re a stew side. I’ve always been known as the top dog post in the first mate. I know how to handle the deck side. Why not come together?” EJ declared.


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As for what EJ plans to do about Hannah ripping of his Yacht University course, right now, nothing.

EJ will continue to build up his yachting school by giving users a personalized experience. Those who take EJ’s course get to talk directly to him and benefit from his mentoring.

“I’m going to set you up with the school, with the crew house. I’m going to give you a personalized experience.” EJ said. “Hers is, you know, ‘he paid, thank you.'”

EJ Jansen is not thrilled that Hannah Ferrier ripped off his yachting school. However, the Below Deck alum also has confidence in the course he created.

Hannah is not the first person who tried to copy Yacht University. EJ shared that three others have done it and all those other copycats have failed, but his school is still going strong.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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