Below Deck: Wes O’Dell addresses Rayna Lindsey’s treatment of him on Season 9 finale, shares if she apologized

Wes from Below Deck reacts to Rayna saying he's not 'Black enough.'
We has spoken out about mean and hateful words Rayna said to him during Below Deck Season 9. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Wes O’Dell has addressed Rayna Lindsey’s treatment of him on the Season 9 finale and shared if she ever apologized to him.

The Season 9 finale featured Rayna losing it on chief stew Heather Chase during the crew night out. When Wes tried to reason with Rayna, she turned her wrath toward him. Rayna lashed out at him, calling him “white” and denying he was Black. Wes is biracial.

Before exiting My Seanna the next day, Wes tried to talk to Rayna, who wouldn’t listen to him. Rayna insisted Wes just didn’t understand and dismissed his experiences as a mixed-race man.

Wes had Rayna’s back all season and tried to be an ally after Heather said the N-word. Now he’s speaking out on that final crew night out and the awful things she said to him.

Below Deck’s Wes O’Dell addresses Rayna Lindsey’s treatment of him on Season 9 finale

Today, Wes and Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 star Gabby Barragan stopped by Gangplank Report podcast. The two are currently working together in St. Thomas for his sailing yacht charter company.

The conversation didn’t take long to turn to Wes and Rayna’s unacceptable rant toward him.

“I mean through all of it, I mean, it was hurtful. But you know, I didn’t expect it. I didn’t see that coming. So it was just blindsiding,” Wes told hosts Adrienne Gang and Jen Bennington.

The deckhand revealed he grew up in St. Thomas until 1997 but then moved to the States. Wes recalled the racism he endured because of having a white father and a Black mother. He also revealed he has had the N-word said to him multiple times.

“I know the difference between when somebody is coming from a place of hate,” Wes stated. “I don’t accept it. I don’t agree with it. And it’s not a thing anybody should do. But when it’s said in lyrics, and somebody is hammered drunk doing this. No, I don’t respect the person. We’re going to hang out with them and do like – no, of course not. But I will tell them about it’s like – not cool. That’s something you shouldn’t ever do. To understand what that means for me and the rest of my people. You can’t say this because of the history of what that word means to everybody.”

Wes watching Below Deck Season 9 finale.
Pic credit: @_littlegaby/Instagram

Has Rayna Lindsey apologized to Wes O’Dell?

Along with sharing his experience with racism, Wes addressed how Rayna made him feel when she called him not Black.

“When it came out of Rayna’s mouth, what she said to me, I wasn’t taken aback from what she said by not calling me Black and not understanding all this different stuff,” Wes expressed. “I was more taken aback that I felt in that situation being the only two Black people on the yacht and in a very non-diverse industry, yachting, sailing – anything with boats. I thought I was that confident or that friend she could rely on and would be able to talk to.”

Below Deck fans didn’t see Rayna apologize to Wes for the hurtful things she said to him. It turns out she hasn’t said one to him.

“She hasn’t said I’m sorry, or it was uncalled for or tried to explain it. She has reached out to me through Instagram, but that was after our reunion. You guys will see our reunion next week,” he shared.

Wes O’Dell from Below Deck has spoken out about the awful things Rayna Lindsey said to him on the show. Once again, Wes has proven that he is a true gentleman by taking the high road. Wes conveyed his feelings without tearing anyone down.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Rayna is a pure bred hater…..when it shows that she said the “N” word 20 seconds before the white girl said it is proof…

2 years ago

Wes is a really nice guy. He did his job, was great with all the staff and he embarrassed no one! Good JOB!

2 years ago

Wes you’re a great man, a great human being! Please don’t let Rayna ruin your time on the boat she was nothing, you were great!!