Below Deck Season 8 preview: Captain Lee Rosbach lands in hospital

What lands Captain Lee in the hospital during Below Deck Season?
The charter season gets off to a rocky start thanks to Captain Lee and his unexpected hospital visit. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Season 8 preview clip features Captain Lee Rosbach in the hospital before the charter season gets started.

After a very long wait and frustrating Below Deck Med season, Below Deck is back in mere days. Captain Lee and his My Seanna crew return to the Caribbean after a two-season hiatus from the tropical waters.

What happened to Captain Lee?

Eddie Lucas is back and makes a call to Captain Lee. The bosun is on the My Seanna, but everyone’s favorite captain is not, so Eddie makes a phone call.

Once Captain Lee answers, Eddie learns the captain is at the hospital. It turns out Captain Lee fell in the shower. He went down hard, busting a couple of ribs in the process.

The news he is hurt is not what Captain Lee or Eddie wants to hear since the charter season is just beginning. A shocked Eddie listens as the captain informs him that Captain Lee might have to head home.

Although the preview clip ends with the captain teasing the season may be over before it started, fans know the show does go on.

Below Deck Season 8 spoilers

The trailer showed that Captain Lee ended up in the hospital, and now fans know why. It is just one of a couple of juicy tidbits that have been released regarding the season.

Captain Lee recently dished what it was like to be at sea as the coronavirus was taking over the world. The pandemic is a first for the show and the captain, just like everyone else.

However, there is another first Captain Lee has alluded to since the trailer drop. He teased it on social media when a fan asked why the captain was yelling at a charter guest.

No, Captain Lee didn’t spill details, but he sure got fans intrigued.

There is also a possible boatmance or two, according to the captain shared on Watch What Happens Live. Plus, Captain Lee insinuated a couple of crew firings that might occur.

It is the first season in six years that Captain Lee won’t have his good friend, Kate Chastain, on his crew as the chief stew. He hasn’t said much about Kate’s replacement, Francesca Rubi.

The captain has praised chef Rachel Hargrove, though, so she is one to watch for sure.

Season 8 of Below Deck is kicking off in a couple of days, and fans are ready for it. Captain Lee has been missed.

Below Deck Season 8 premieres on Monday, November 2, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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