Are fans ditching Below Deck Med following Season 5 cast backlash?

Below Deck Mediterranean fans threaten to ditch the Bravo show over Season 5 cast drama.
Below Deck Mediterranean fans are furious at Bravo over certain events that happened during season 5. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 featured a slew of backlash for cast members. Events during the season led to fan outrage on social media like the yachting show has never seen.

Each season of the Below Deck spin-off generates buzz and some strong fan opinions, but viewers keep coming back. Season 5, though, brought so much hate and dislike for individual cast members that fans claim to be ready to ditch the show.

Pure hatred for Captain Sandy and Malia

Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White endured the most hatred from fans on social media. The purse dislike of these two women was hard to miss.

Fans blamed them for the firing of chief stew Hannah Ferrier and chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran. All season viewers were convinced there was a master plan by Malia and Captain Sandy to ditch Hannah and Kiko.

The theory is Captain Sandy wanted to make Bugsy Drake chief stew, which she did after Hannah was fired. Then there is the plot to get Malia’s then-boyfriend Tom Checketts hired as the chef, or at least that is what fans think.

Despite producers saying things played out on The Wellington naturally, fans do not believe that is true.

Season 5 featured the first time the Bravo show had all women in leadership positions. Viewers are unhappy that the historic event resulted in Malia and Captain Sandy playing mean girls instead of empowering women.

Hot on the heels of the misogynistic Below Deck Season 7, viewers were expecting more from Bravo and the yachting show. It is another reason Captain Sandy and Malia are two of the most hated cast members from Below Deck Med.

Are fans over Below Deck Mediterranean?

Although the season broke ratings record for the Bravo show, once Hannah left, ratings slipped some.

Fans claims to ditch Below Deck Med if Captain Sandy and Malia return.
Pic credit: @lauramkeane/Twitter

There is no question Hannah’s departure played a part in the dip. It could also be that most of the crazy drama occurred before she was fired.

The back half of Season 5 did have some OMG moments, such as Tom’s many meltdowns. It did lack those cliff-hangers, sitting on the edge of the seat moments that keep fans tuning in each week.

Fans have been vocal on social media that what occurred on the Bravo show, especially the handling of mental illness, has prompted them to stop watching. The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 reunion did little to sway fans’ opinion. If anything, it further proved people’s discontent with the show.

As rumors heat up that Season 6 is currently filming with Captain Sandy and Malia, fan outrage is exploding. If those rumors come true, there is a good chance viewers may stick to their guns about ditching the yachting show.

To answer the question, are fans done with Below Deck Med? It all depends on who returns for the next season. The cast plays a pivotal role in why fans tune in to the show.

Below Deck Season 8 premieres on Monday, November 2, at 9/8c on Bravo.