Jessica More claims Below Deck Med charter guests were ‘tipped off’ to crew club night out

Did Below Deck Med charter guests know what club the crew would be at on last night out?
Jess is dishing more details about the last crew night out on Below Deck Mediterranean. Pic credit: Bravo

Jessica More claims Below Deck Med charter guest Hannah Yu and her group were tipped off to the club The Wellington crew would be at on their last night out.

Although several crew members were shocked to see their final charter guests show up at the club, it turns out the encounter was not by chance. Yep, the ladies allegedly knew precisely where to find the crew.

What did Jess say about the charter guests being at the club?

Fans watched as Jess and Robert Westergaard’s relationship exploded in the final few episodes. One issue was Rob’s flirtatious ways, which caused Jess to become extremely jealous and insecure.

They got into a blow-up fight after Aesha Scott grazed Rob’s butt during a photo with the final group of charter guests. Jess lost it, even threatening to f**k Aesha up. Rob was upset at how Jess was acting toward him, especially since Rob said he did nothing wrong.

The Wellington crew’s final night out was impacted by Rob and Jess fighting. Things got more intense when Hannah and her pals showed up at the club. Rob hung with Hannah the remainder of the night, which pushed Jess to her limit.

One Twitter user recently asked Jess if the guests were at the club because Rob invited them, calling the run in mighty suspicious.

“They were tipped off,” Jess replied but didn’t give details.

Jess alludes to Rob telling guests where to find crew at the club.
Pic credit: @southernsass177/Twitter

Nothing nice to say about Hannah

On the Below Deck Med After Show, Jess shared Hannah kept trying to introduce Jess to guys at the club. Jess said she told Hannah she was dating Rob.

Viewers watched as Rob and Hannah chatted the night away, a move Jess found disrespectful on both parts. Rob claims to have been talking with Hannah about Jess, but the third stew doesn’t buy it. She called Hannah and friends the worst charter guests ever.

Jess did watch Rob flirt with Hannah several times during the charter and it turns out Jess had a right to be concerned.

Hannah recently shared Rob flirted with her a lot while her group was on the yacht. She also claims to have not known Rob and Jess were dating until the recent episode aired on Bravo.

There are definitely some conflicting stories regarding what Hannah knew about Jess and Rob. Plus how charter guests knew where to find the crew. Hopefully, Robert Westergaard and Jessica More will dish more on these hot topics at the Season 5 reunion show.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 Reunion Part 1 airs on Monday, October 19 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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