Below Deck Med charter guest Hannah Yu says Rob Westergaard did flirt with her, claims deckhand acted single

Below Deck Mediterranean star Robert Westergaard did flirt with charter guest in front of Jessica More.
Rob’s love life has been one hot topic lately and not in a good way. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean charter guest Hannah Yu says that Robert Westergaard did flirt with her during her time on The Wellington. Hannah claims the deckhand acted single, and she didn’t know Rob was in a relationship with Jessica More until the episode came out.

It turns out there is a whole lot more to the story of Rob treating Hannah’s jellyfish sting. Jess had every reason to be worried and angry that her man was taking such an interest in another woman.

What did Hannah say about her interaction with Rob?

Hannah stopped by Another Below Deck podcast to talk about various topics of her trip, which was the last charter featured on Below Deck Med Season 5. She dished some pretty intriguing details about how Rob acted, which could explain why the charter guests show up at the same club as the crew in the finale on Monday, October 12.

“Before he touched my elbow, we had already been talking for a while,” Hannah bluntly stated before confirming Rob was definitely flirting.

It was a lot more than a crew member merely being nice to a charter guest or Rob doing his job.

“So you know the scene where I am coming in on the jet ski with him?” Hannah asked. “That was actually a really long swim. Because I don’t know if you could see how far away I was. I didn’t want to be in the middle of the ocean by myself, so that’s why I called people over. So that swim was like 30 minutes where we were talking the whole time.”

Hannah thought Rob was single

The charter guest didn’t know until watching Jess freak out over Rob flirting with Hannah and Aesha Scott grabbing his butt, that anything was going on with Jess and Rob.

“I completely thought he was single with all the things he was saying to me. I figured he was this guy that, you know how guys are, they just say stuff. And I was like whatever. But I was shocked,” Hannah expressed.

Below Deck Med charter guest Hannah Yu talking about Rob Westergaard flirting with her is just the latest female to come out with a story about the deckhand.

Last week Madison Stalker opened up about her brief romance with Rob. It sounded an awful lot like his relationship with Jessica More playing out on the Bravo show now.

Then Summer House star Hannah Berner called Rob a liar while telling a story about him claiming they were talking this summer. She spilled all the tea to her Bravo’s Chat Room co-hosts.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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