Below Deck: Captain Lee says Season 8 has a first for him and the Bravo franchise

Captain Lee Rosbach dishes Below Deck Season 8 details.
Captain Lee admits to feeling sad about Kate Chastain’s departure. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach is opening up about Below Deck Season 8, revealing there is a first for him and the hit Bravo franchise.

After seven seasons at the helm of Below Deck, one would think Captain Lee has seen it all, but that is not the case.

Bravo recently dropped the trailer for the new season, featuring Captain Lee losing it in front of his My Seanna crew and some charter guests. The first look is full of the juicy entertainment that keeps fans tuning in from each season.

Season 8 first

No, the first for Captain Lee isn’t him working without best pal Kate Chastain by his side. He did that during season 1, which featured Adrienne Gang as the chief stew.

The Season 8 trailer shows Captain Lee losing it on a charter guest who decided to go out for a night swim. He is heard yelling at the person to get back to the yacht and furiously storming off while telling the guests the charter is over.

A fan recently tweeted the captain talking about the scene in the trailer and expressing the anticipation over watching the moment play out on screen. Captain Lee wasted no time responding to the fan, spilling a little tea on what to expect.

“It is a Below Deck first for me ever, and the series. But I do not regret it, but you will have to watch to see exactly who prompted that visoral[sic] response,” the legendary captain replied.

Captain Lee has a below Deck first in Season 8.
Pic credit: @CaptainLee/Twitter

No stranger to guest drama

Captain Lee has dealt with his fair share of unruly guests over the years. He did kick off the first charter guests to appear on the show after Kat Held found drugs in one of the cabins.

Instead of telling the group, their charter was ending, the captain turned the yacht around and went back to the dock. Captain Lee told the guests there was a problem, so the charter could no longer happen. The group was on the charter for less than 24 hours.

Last season the captain dealt with charter guest Brandy, who became overly intoxicated a couple of times on the charter. She got so drunk Captain Lee had to have medical personnel evaluate her to ensure Brandy was ok. Both Kate and the captain named Brandy the worst behaved charter guest ever.

Whatever happens during Below Deck Season 8, one thing is for sure. Captain Lee Rosbach is still the stud of the sea.

Below Deck Season 8 premieres on Monday, November 2 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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