Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Dani Soares opens up about Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux romance

Dani from Below Deck Sailing Yacht dishes Jean-Luc boatmance
Dani reveals a very strange Jean-Luc romance moment from Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Pic credit: Bravo

Dani Soares has opened up about her romance with Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

The stew finally gave in to her physical attraction to the deckhand on the hit Bravo show. They have spent their late-night shifts making out causing Jean Luc not to do his job properly.

Jean-Luc and Dani have also become the latest Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew members to help themselves to a guest cabin to hook up privately. Yes, Dani and Jean-Luc’s romance is heating up so much he even talked to his mother about her.

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During her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Dani got candid regarding Jean-Luc and their boatmance.

Dani recalls a strange Jean-Luc moment

Andy, of course, wasted no time trying to get the dirt from Dani regarding Jean-Luc talking to his mom about her. The host wanted to know how Dani felt about the feedback the deckhand received from his mother regarding the romance.

“Yes, that was very strange, very strange,” Dani laughed.

In a game of questions based on her new boatmance, Dani didn’t hold back sharing her thoughts on Jean-Luc. Dani revealed his lack of a serious relationship was not a concern because, at the time, she was only looking to have some fun.

The one thing Dani did think Jean-Luc could do better at was his work or rather having a better work ethic.

“I would like to see him being a bit more professional. That would be more of a turn-on,” she expressed.

Dani gushes over Jean-Luc

Despite their age difference and height difference, Dani most gushed over Jean-Luc. She called him “very mature” for his age.

The stew referred to him as “nice and respectful,” too. As for Jean-Luc’s physical skills, Dani spilled he was a ten at kissing and shared his height was definitely an advantage when they got busy.

Andy wanted to know the moment Dani realized she was attracted to Jean-Luc and wanted to pursue a fling.

“I think when we were playing Truth or Dare, and he said that he fancied me. I thought that was like, I don’t know, it just made me look at him differently,” Dani stated.

Dani Soares Dishes on Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux | WWHL

The final thing Dani Soares spilled about her boatmance with Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux on Below Deck Sailing Yacht is that she respected him staying out of the crew dinner drama. Dani lost it when Gary King, Alli Dore, Daisy Kelliher, and Colin Macrae kept leaving the table to go smoke.

It turned into a big ordeal with Dani losing it and Natasha De Bourg following her to the bathroom. Dani appreciated that Jean-Luc didn’t get involved and let her express her feelings. She was glad he didn’t defend her too.

Fans will have to keep watching to see if Jean-Luc and Dani leave Parsifal III together or go bust before the end of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c.

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