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Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Alli Dore talks explosive confrontation with Gary King on Bravo show

Alli Dore teases explosive fight with Gary King on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.
The tension between Alli and Gary comes to a head on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht beauty Alli Dore is talking about an explosive confrontation she will have with Gary King on the Bravo show.

After Alli learned that Gary did have sex with deckhand Sydney Zaruba, the stew pumped the brakes on her boatmance with Gary. Alli told him they should wait until the charter season was over to give in to their feelings.

Gary didn’t take it well at all. The first mate felt rejected and, of course, resorted to flirting with Sydney at dinner in front of Alli.

Buckle up fans because what comes next is an explosive confrontation between Alli and Gary.

Alli explodes at Gary on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

The Australian native has teased what fans can expect from the next episode, even noting it was not her finest moment on the show.

“The episode where I snap is not my finest moment. And I feel really disappointed in that,” Alli shared with E! News.

Filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht was an emotional roller coaster for Alli because of her feelings for Gary and his one-night stand with Sydney.

“It was just an emotional experience. From the very start, it was this push and pull, this game-playing, these mind games, and I guess I fell for it. I sort of believed that things were different to what they actually turned out to be,” she expressed.

As Alli prepares for viewers to see her unleash on Gary, she admits watching the moment in the teaser has been hard.

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It reminds Alli of that foolish feeling she had going into the fight with him. However, feeling like a fool only made Alli more emotional as she unloaded on Gary and later on Sydney.

Gary’s behavior shocked Alli

The feelings between Gary and Alli were real. They have both admitted it was more than a boatmance, which is one reason Gary was gutted when Alli called things off.

Because of their feelings for each other, Alli was surprised by how Gary behaved following their break-up.

“I didn’t think that I deserved that type of disrespect, especially when I’m in a situation where I’m trying to respect someone else. And then, on top of it, you’re gonna use her to get back at me out of spite. The whole thing was quite shocking to me,” Alli explained.

Gary did issue Alli an apology for his behavior after the most recent episode. She wasn’t the only one disappointed by his actions, he was too after watching it play out onscreen.

Only two episodes remain in Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2. Plus the virtual reunion Andy Cohen called “gangbusters.”

There’s still plenty of drama for fans to enjoy, though, including Alli Dore’s explosive confrontation with Gary King.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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