Below Deck: Rob Phillips says Izzy Wouters raged at him during apology, claims producers fed her details

Rob from Below Deck recalls apology to Izzy going south calls out production.
Rob has the good-bye between him and Izzy was far worse than what viewers saw on below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Robert Phillips revealed that Izzy Wouters raged at him during his apology before he left the My Seanna yacht. Rob also claimed producers fed Izzy information about what he was saying.

Season 8 didn’t end on the best note for Izzy and Rob. No, it wasn’t because the coronavirus pandemic ended the charter season early.

Rob and fellow deckhand James Hough gave Izzy a hard time after she was promoted. The guys claimed during the Below Deck After Show it was all in good fun. Rob was downright down rude, though.

The tension came to a head on the final day of the filming. Izzy wanted to confront Rob, but a heads up from James gave Rob a chance to apologize first. Their chat was extremely awkward.

Rob says Izzy raged at him

In a Q&A session on Reddit, Rob detailed his showdown with Izzy.

“After apologizing for my comments and their outcome, she was a little stunned and then went rage mode for a bit. She screamed, ‘You are a c**t! You are an a**hole! I can’t believe you make production’s life so hard’ a few times,” Rob wrote.

The deckhand also explained that Izzy never once came to him expressing her hurt or frustration. Rob declared if Izzy had spoken to him that he would have quickly remedied the situation.

For those wondering, yes, Rob’s apology was sincere. However, he insists the entire situation, including Izzy’s promotion, was all a production ploy.

Rob calls out production for creating a narrative

Rob spilled a couple of secrets from Below Deck involving Izzy and her promotion.

The deckhand claims Izzy was a good worker, but her lead deckhand job was created for storyline purposes.

“That promotion was forced to drive narrative a couple of days before the season ended,” Rob revealed. “No real boat would do that. Why would any experienced Capt/Bosun create a situation when things are perfectly smooth when they are about to step off the boat? My reference is real life, so I acted like it was BS. Not trying to throw shade at Izzy, she’s a cool cat, but it realllllly came off that way.”

As for the big showdown between Rob and Izzy, it was planned. After listening to Izzy scream at him for making productions life “so hard,” Rob realized she had been fed information about him.

“This really tipped me off that production was involved feeding her details of how I was telling them to piss off and how upset she was,” he stated. “So, through trying to de-escalate this rage I was just using soft tones, key phrases, and thinking about how much I wanted to get off the boat. There was no conversation, only a lengthy outburst. There was no sought-after resolution, and therefore it was hard to participate in one.”

Wowza, Rob Phillips had a lot to say about the drama between him and Izzy Wouters. Although fans will hear more from Izzy regarding the subject at the reunion, Rob was not there to battle it out with her.

Perhaps he will have more to say after the Below Deck Season 8 reunion show.

What do you think of Rob’s revelations?

Below Deck Season 8 reunion airs Monday, February 22 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Sharon Proctor
Sharon Proctor
3 years ago

What a little brat he was! He was rude and smart alec as soon as she got that promotion and now he is trying to backpedal. In most jobs that little toddler behavior wouldn’t last long and they would be gone. What a baby