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Below Deck reunion: Season 8 cast faces off in first-look teaser

Below Deck Season 8 reunion preview teases drama, bullying and a exiting cast member.
Fans are in for one explosive hour at the Below Deck Season 8 reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo has dropped a first look teaser for the Below Deck reunion featuring the Season 8 cast facing off in all their glory.

The My Seanna crew came together to dish the dramatic season. Captain Lee Rosbach, chief stew Francesca Rubi, bosun Eddie Lucas, chef Rachel Hargrove, stew Ashling Lorger, lead deckhand Izzy Wouters and James Hough all gathered for the virtual chat.

Newly fired stew Elizabeth Frankini and former deckhand Shane Coopersmith were also on hand to tell their side of their sordid stories from the season. Deckhand Rob Phillips previously revealed he was unable to dial in the reunion show.

The lighter side of the reunion

Immediately following the Below Deck Season 8 finale, Bravo shared a preview clip of the reunion show. Host Andy Cohen asked about the hilarious moments from the season, including the OMG one-liners from the crew.

Plus, Andy questioned Captain Lee about what it was like to work without former chief stew Kate Chastain. It was for sure the less tense side of the virtual chat.

Bravo’s first look features the cast laughing, joking around, and even complimenting each other on looking fabulous for the event. There are even a few laughs. One of those moments was thanks to Rachel, who accidentally puts her boobs into the camera as she adjusts it.

The smiles and laughs do not last too long. Instead, the anger, yelling, screaming, and name-calling take over as Andy asks fans burning questions.

What kind of drama can fans expect from Below Deck reunion?

Season 8 of Below Deck was far from the s**tshow that was Season 7 of the Bravo show. However, there was still plenty of drama to dish leading the My Seanna crew to lose it at the reunion.

At one point, Sustainable Shane declares he’s going to log off if the show is going to just “roast him.”

James finds himself in the hot seat for several actions, including his brief fling with Elizabeth. Rachel and Izzy weigh in on James and his behavior too.

Speaking of Liz, she takes the opportunity to call out Ash and Francesca, labeling them bullies. The dramatic cliffhanger is courtesy of Andy asking Captain Lee if he should have fired Elizabeth sooner.

Fans know the captain has already admitted Liz should have been gone earlier in the season. However, the reunion was filmed a few weeks ago so it will be interesting to see what he says.

Elizabeth recently lashed out at Captain Lee for his words in his blog and on the Bravo show. She didn’t mention anything he said at the reunion show.

In a matter of days, viewers will watch the Below Deck Season 8 cast gather virtually. Based on the preview, the reunion will be one crazy-filled hour.

Below Deck Season 8 reunion airs Monday, February 22 at 9/8c.