Below Deck: Elizabeth Frankini slams Captain Lee Rosbach and Eddie Lucas for comments made about her

Eddie Lucas and Captain Lee rosbach under fire from Elizabeth Frankini from Below Deck.
Elizabeth is over her Below Deck costars dissing her. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fired stew Elizabeth Frankini has slammed Captain Lee Rosbach and Eddie Lucas for comments they have made about her.

Season 8 of the Bravo show has come to an end, but the drama remains far from over. The interior tension continues to explode months after filming ended.

Elizabeth and Ashling Lorger recently got into a tense discussion on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Ash has even teased the reunion gets pretty fiery between her, Elizabeth, and chief stew Francesca Rubi.

It turns out, Elizabeth has problems with more of the My Seanna crew than she initially thought. Captain Lee and Eddie have expressed their thoughts about the fired stew, which Liz didn’t appreciate. She wasted no time clapping back at both of them.

Elizabeth disses Captain Lee

In his final blog of the season, the stud of the sea was brutally honest regarding his opinion of Elizabeth. The captain admitted he should have fired Elizabeth sooner and would never work with her again.

Liz spoke to Showbiz Cheatsheet, slamming Captain Lee for his words.

“I just want to say that Captain Lee, he’s miserable and judgmental. And after living through this experience like I wouldn’t want to work with him again either. He’s completely checked out, which is understandable,” Elizabeth shared with the website.

Season 8 filmed months after the captain lost his son Joshua to a drug overdose. Captain Lee opened up regarding his son’s death on the Bravo show. He even bonded with charter guests David and Jackie Siegel, who lost their daughter to a drug overdose too.

Elizabeth went on to explain the captain allowed Francesca to be a “terrible chief stew.” She also accused Captain Lee of relying on an edited show to form his opinion instead of being aware of what was going on in his boat.

Until reading his blog and seeing his tweets, Elizabeth thought she had a good relationship with the captain. She thought he could see her “dedication and abilities as a stewardess.”

Elizabeth calls out Eddie

Eddie appeared with Francesca on WWHL after the Below Deck finale to dish the season. The bosun commented Elizabeth was pretty flirty with everyone on the show.

Elizabeth was not thrilled with Eddie’s words and used Instagram Stories to tell Eddie he wishes she flirted with him. The stew also expressed it was too bad the reunion was filmed before she saw Eddie’s interview. Elizabeth would have had a lot more to say at the virtual chat.

It is safe to say Elizabeth Frankini won’t be working with Captain Lee Rosbach or Eddie Lucas anytime soon.

Below Deck Season 8 reunion airs Monday, February 22 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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