Below Deck: Eddie Lucas, James Hough, and Rob Phillips weigh in on Izzy Wouters lead deckhand promotion

Rob Philips and James Hough defend their response to Izzy Wouters becoming lead deckhand on Below Deck.
James and Rob explain their response to Izzy giving then orders on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Eddie Lucas, James Hough, and Rob Phillips have weighed in on Izzy Wouters’ lead deckhand promotion on Below Deck.

Izzy received a lot of push back from Rob and James on her first day in her new role. The two guys certainly come across as jerks who aren’t thrilled to be working for a woman.

Rob and James have some sarcastic responses to Izzy, giving them direction. Their reaction worsens in the upcoming episode of the Bravo show but Izzy won’t let the two guys get her down.

The subject came up during the Below Deck Season 8 After Show, which James, Rob, and Eddie were pleased to dish about.

James and Rob wanted to test Izzy

There was no treating Izzy differently because she was a woman. James claims that if either he or Rob had got the position, the other would have acted the exact same way.

“When Izzy got this lead deckhand position, obviously we would have a joke, have a laugh, we would try to wind her up,” James stated. “But the way it was meant to come across, as if Rob got that position or if I got the position, we would act in the same way, and we’d try to wind each other up.”

Rob echoed James’ words insisting it was not personal against Izzy. It was all about the lead deckhand learning how to manage people because that is the job.

“You manage people. Its part of stepping into a bigger role is learning how to manage ass***es like me and James,” Rob expressed. “So, we wanted to put her to the test to make sure she could handle it.”

Eddie stands by James and Rob’s reaction

Eddie was confident in his choice to promote Izzy. She stepped up, and he knew she deserved the opportunity.

The bosun surprising didn’t have an issue with the way James or Rob responded to Izzy becoming their boss. Eddie shared that neither Rob nor James expected to get the nod, especially James, because it would have meant more work.

“I think Rob had the biggest issue with it because he did have a lot of experience, and he did have more experience on paper than Izzy, “Eddie said. “But Izzy had been there longer, and I think she really took the initiative to become the leader. Rob was kind of just a little more laid back. Rob was just helping out where needed.”

Eddie reiterated that Rob is an extremely talented yachtie. The bosun also expressed Rob definitely had more trouble with Izzy taking on the role of lead deckhand than James.

Fans will see more of the deck team drama between Rob Phillips, Izzy Wouters, and James Hough play out on the remainder of the season. Perhaps the hot topic will be brought up at the Below Deck Season 8 reunion too.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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