Below Deck Season 8 reunion: Here’s what we know so far

Below Deck Season 8 reunion details spilled.
There will be a Below Deck Season 8 reunion very soon. Pic credit: @belowdeckbravo/Instagram

A Below Deck Season 8 reunion is officially happening!

There are only a handful of episodes left in Season 8 of the hit yachting show. The season was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. Only eight charters instead of nine were completed.

Although some fans considered the season a little dull compared to previous seasons, the My Seanna crew still has plenty to dish about at the reunion. The over-the-top charter guests like Charley Walters and drunk Delores are sure to make the discussion list.

The crew drama will give the Below Deck cast a lot to talk about too. Chef Rachel Hargrove abruptly quitting and excessive drinking for one. Plus, the ongoing tension between Elizabeth Frankini and Francesca Rubi is guaranteed to bring some dramatics to the reunion.

Here’s what we know about Below Deck Season 8 reunion

According to The Daily Dish, the Below Deck Season 8 reunion has already been filmed. It will be virtual, just like Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 1 and Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5.

Since the coronavirus pandemic is still going strong, it is not surprising the reunion takes place virtually. Unlike the Real Housewives, who all live in the same area, the My Seanna crew is spread out all over the world.

The virtual reunions certainly lack the in-person fireworks, but that doesn’t mean the virtual gatherings aren’t entertaining. Below Deck Med was downright explosive.

Andy Cohen is back to host the event. Fans don’t love him as host of Below Deck reunions because he doesn’t ask the hard-hitting questions. After the Below Deck Season 7 reunion, it was clear Andy doesn’t know that much about the yachting show.

However, Andy is the face of Bravo and the go-to host for all shows, so fans just have to deal with him.

When is the Below Deck Season 8 reunion?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 premieres on Monday, March 1 in the time slot Below Deck Season 8 is airing right now.

The reunion for Below Deck Season 8 will either air on Monday, February 22, or right before the Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s premiere. If it is a two-part reunion, then there is a good chance the reunion will occur on both of those nights.

Chances are the reunion will only be one night because there hasn’t been enough drama to fill up a two-part event. Then again, anything is possible with Below Deck.

Are you excited for the Season 8 reunion?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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