Below Deck: Rachel Hargrove sounds off on Elizabeth Frankini and Francesca Rubi feud

Below Deck's chef Rachel Hargrove blasts Francesca Rubi over Elizabeth Frankini drama.
Rachel has Elizabeth’s back in her battle with Francesca. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck chef Rachel Hargrove has sounded off on the feud between Elizabeth Frankini and Francesca Rubi that has taken over Season 8.

One thing fans can count on from the current Below Deck season is that Francesca and Elizabeth will have some drama every episode. The chief stew always becomes frustrated with the third stew, while Liz always complains that she can’t do anything right in Francesca’s eyes.

Rachel had a front-row seat for the ongoing feud on the My Seanna. The chef shared her thoughts on the battle, and she is Team Elizabeth all the way.

Francesca bullied Elizabeth

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rachel got candid regarding Francesca bullying Elizabeth.

“For me, supporting another crew member who feels like they are being bullied and attacked? I’m gonna stand by them,” Rachel declared.

The chef admitted she was unapologetic about getting involved in the interior drama and standing up for Liz. It turns out that the way Francesca spoke to Elizabeth was much worse than what viewers say play out on Below Deck.

“There was a lot of unnecessary, derogatory remarks made to that specific individual,” Rachel said. “Whether she’s capable of doing her job or not doesn’t matter. No one wants that direction of derogatory remarks that will hurt or harm them, which will make them worse at their job anyway.”

Rachel says there’s more to the story

As fans know, the Below Deck crew members are filmed 24/7. Rachel spilled that fans are only getting part of the story when it comes to the interior battle.

The show didn’t film for the entire six weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic. Rachel claims though that there’s so much more footage of Liz and Francesca’s feud that hasn’t hit the airwaves. Image how much more of Francesca lashing out at Elizabeth and Liz whining fans would have to sit through it the season was not cut short.

Although chef Rachel Hargrove supports Elizabeth, the chef did admit on Watch What Happens Live that she did deserve to be demoted to third stew. The chef firmly believed that Liz should have never been promoted to second stew in the first place.

The drama involving Francesca Rubi and Elizabeth Frankini will certainly come to a head before the season ends.

After sleeping in a guest cabin with James Hough for the second time, Elizabeth’s days could be numbered. Francesca has had it with Elizabeth. Despite Captain Lee Rosbach being reluctant to fire the third stew, Francesca might not be able to finish out the season with her.

There are only a handful of Below Deck episodes left in Season 8, so all the drama will most definitively heat up.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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