Below Deck: Captain Lee Rosbach talks crew sleeping in guest cabins and why it’s a big deal

Below Deck's Captain Lee reveals why crew sleeping in guest cabins causes drama.
Captain Lee is not happy with James or Elizabeth for sleeping in guest cabins twice. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach recently talked about the crew sleeping in guest cabins and why it’s such a big deal.

James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini used a guest cabin for the second time on a recent Below Deck episode. The couple already got a talking to from Francesca Rubi and Eddie Lucas regarding how inappropriate it was for them to be in a guest cabin without permission.

Francesca lost it on Liz after discovering her latest tryst with James in the guest cabin. Eddie wasn’t as concerned, but then again, he doesn’t have it out for James like Francesca does Elizabeth.

Captain Lee reveals why crew sleeping in guest cabins is a big deal

The promo for the upcoming episode features Captain Lee scolding James for his actions and threatening to fire him. Captain Lee got real with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live regarding the hot topic.

“The guests’ rooms are off-limits unless you have permission. That has been granted on occasions, but they’re usually special occasions, not just because you have carnal needs you want to satisfy,” the captain said.

On Below Deck Med Season 5, Jessica More and Robert Westergaard spent a steamy night in the guest room after Jess got permission from chief stew Bugsy Drake.

Chef Rachel Hargrove was also on WWHL with the captain and weighed in on the subject.

“It’s not that great of an idea. It’s kind of disrespectful, especially if you’re not cleaning up the cabin,” Rachel explained. “It’s not your boat. Technically on most boats, it’s against the contract that we sign as crew members because that’s the owner’s and the guests’ area, and it’s disrespectful.”

Fans weigh in on crew sleeping in guest cabins too

Francesca freaking out on Elizabeth for sleeping in a guest cabin in front of the crew had fans taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

While many fans were confused about why it was such a big deal, others were more concerned about how Francesca spoke to Elizabeth. Even if Liz was wrong, and she was, there was no need for Francesca to go off on her in front of the crew.

Twitter did find the fight over guest cabins quite hilarious and entertaining too. It has become expected for some sort of interior drama to unfold every single episode.

Captain Lee Rosbach has set the record straight on crew members sleeping in guest cabins on Below Deck or most yachts, for that matter. James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini were in the wrong again. It just might cost them their jobs too.

Whatever happens, fans should expect the guest cabin drama to be addressed at the Below Deck Season 8 reunion.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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3 years ago

I think sleeping in the guest cabin was a big deal because it was Elizabeth and Francesca has it out for her. Almost every other crew member has done the same thing in the past. Remember when Ben and crew trashed a cabin? Hannah and Conrad. Kate and Ben.