Below Deck: Francesca Rubi supports Ashling Lorger lying to drunk charter guest Daniel Siegel

Ashling Lorger and Francesca Rubi weigh in on drunk Daniel Siegel drama on Below Deck.
Francesca would have handled drunk Daniel the same way Ash did on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Francesca Rubi supports Ashling Lorger lying to drunk charter guest Daniel Siegel on Below Deck.

The My Seanna crew has had its fair share of drunk antics on Season 8 of the Bravo show. Charter guest Delores’ late-night swim pushed Captain Lee Rosbach to his breaking point this season.

It’s not just the guest’s drunken behavior either. Chef Rachel Hargrove has had a few crew days off where her drinking shenanigans have upset some of her colleagues.

The latest incident involved Daniel Siegel, son of primary guests Jackie and David. Ash felt he was too drunk, so she told a white lie about the hot tub in an attempt to get him to go to sleep.

On the Below Deck Season 8 After Show, Francesca admitted she stands by Ashling’s decision.

What did Francesca say about Ash lying to a charter guest?

The chief stew completely had Ashling’s back in terms of how she handled the Daniel situation.

“I know Ash. I know the way she works. I’ve got to have her back, you know, no matter what,” Francesca said. “But then there’s a fine line between making the charter guests think you kind of understand their problem.”

Even though she agreed with Ash, it was still Francesca’s job to make sure the guests were happy and felt she sympathized with them too. No, Francesca did not reprimand Ash.

“I probably would have done the same thing in Ashling’s situation, you know. I think she was acting really sensibly and looking after the boy’s best interest,” Francesca expressed.

Along with supporting her stew, Francesca felt bad that Ash had to deal with the situation.

What if it had been Elizabeth?

Below Deck fans were quick to point out if Elizabeth Frankini had told the white lie, Francesca likely wouldn’t have been as supportive. There’s even a chance the chief stew would have thrown Liz under the bus to save face.

Many fans feel Elizabeth didn’t get the support Ashling did from Francesca and think the chief stew would not have been okay with Liz lying to a guest.

The ongoing feud between Francesca and Elizabeth resulted in the latter being fired at the end of the last episode. Francesca has made her feelings toward Liz perfectly clear, as did Ashling on Watch What Happens Live.

One thing is for sure. The Daniel Siegel drunk drama on Below Deck will most certainly be addressed at the virtual reunion show.

Hopefully, Andy Cohen will ask Francesca Rubi if she would have supported Elizabeth Frankini the same way she did Ashling Lorger in dealing with the drunk charter guest.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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