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Below Deck: Kate Chastain defends Elizabeth Frankini after firing, shades Francesca Rubi

Kate Chastain slams Francesca Rubi after Elizabeth Rubi was fired on Below Deck.
Kate reflected on her Below Deck career to stand up for Elizabeth. Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain has defended Elizabeth Frankini after her Below Deck firing and shaded chief stew, Francesca Rubi, in the process.

As Below Deck Season 8 comes to a close, the interior drama reached a boiling point. Francesca let Elizabeth go after Liz slept in a guest cabin for the second time without permission.

There were other reasons for the firing too, but that was the chief stew’s breaking point.

Former chief stew Kate has been expressing her thoughts on her replacement since day one. The two ladies have very different working and managing styles.

Kate used social media to stand up for Elizabeth during the fired stew’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Team Elizabeth all the way

Captain Lee Rosbach weighed in on the guest cabin drama, following Elizabeth and James Hough hooking up in one for the second time. The captain called it a big no-no unless permission was granted. Kate had other thoughts.

“I seriously can’t even count how many times I’ve slept in a guest cabin. #BelowDeck #WWH,” Kate tweeted, throwing shade at her Below Deck replacement.

Kate Chastain disses Francesca Rubi with guest cabin tweet.
Pic credit: @Kate_Chastain/Twitter

Oh yes, Kate’s a rule-breaker, which should not surprise fans. She also had high expectations from her interior crew, causing some social media users to be confused at her support of Elizabeth.

Kate asked the user to remind her of a stew she fired. She was tough and difficult but Kate never fired crew member in her six seasons on the Bravo show.

While Elizabeth and Ashling battled it out on WWHL, Kate once again showed she was Team Elizabeth by sending out a tweet praising her. Kate said Liz was killing it, prompting one user to question if Kate really would have wanted Elizabeth as a stew.

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“Mistakes happen. But I appreciate how Elizabeth was always apologetic and respectful and kept working after making mistakes,” Kate wrote.

Kate Chastain praises Elizabeth frankini on WWHL.
Pic credit: @Kate_Chastain/Twitter

Not a fan of Francesca

On an episode of Bravo’s Chat Room, Kate dished that a beach picnic Francesca put together was a disaster. Many items were forgotten, which Francesca blamed Elizabeth for since the chief stew told Liz to bring them.

Kate, however, felt it was Francesca’s fault and told her to “check herself.” The Below Deck Galley Talk host also expressed that Elizabeth wasn’t to be blamed because Francesca was in charge.

The Below Deck Season 8 reunion is less than two weeks away. Kate Chastain has already stood up for Elizabeth Frankini amid the drama with Francesca Rubi. There’s no doubt Kate will have more thoughts after watching the My Seanna crew’s virtual chat.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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  1. Kate is so jealous of Francesca. Francesca has more class in her little finger than Kate in her raunchy body. We never saw Francesca hooking it up with a guy or woman. BUT we did see KATE BULLY people working under her.

    • Who cares who Kate slept with, man or woman. I did see her get somewhat of a bully one time now that I think back on it. She NEVER kept going at someone like Francisco did. That type of behavior is extremely condescending and belittling. Shows an extreme lack in leadership skills! Francisco needs to take some more management classes on how to be less of a bully. She’s disgusting!

  2. No way that Kate is jealous of whatever her name is Francisco!! Kate is much more professional, never whines while working, has never bullied anyone, as I see it. If she made a mistake, she owned it, while Francisco blames everyone else and is a constant tattletale and crybaby! There’s no crying in yachting, doesn’t Francisco know that!!

    • Kate bullied at least one of her stews every season! She was pure evil to Caroline, Rocky, Laura, Jen.. Kate never owned up to her mistakes, she would just act childish. Kate’s last season she spent retaliating against the Deck Crew & Chef. She’s sarcastic which is unprofessional. Kate is a bitch!

  3. Kate is obviously trying to just stir s**t up on the show because she is bored and needs the attention of trashing the new chief stew. Kate is a narcissist who seems to attack anyone who is competition to her fan base. There is absolutely no way she would have been Team Elizabeth if she was chief stew.


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