Below Deck: Captain Lee Rosbach spills how charter guests really act around him

Charter guests act differently around the captain than the rest of the crew.
Charter guests act differently around the captain than the rest of the crew. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach has spilled how charter guests really act around him on the hit Bravo show.

There is no doubt that charter guests tend to board the yacht and take it over as if it was their own. The groups chartering the yachts pay a hefty price for the voyage, so it is no wonder they expect nothing but the best.

Below Deck has featured some of those over-the-top, demanding guests. Season 8 has had Charley Walters, who endured a lot of backlash for his behavior, and Bryan Guarnieri, whose preference sheet sent Rachel Hargrove into a meltdown.

Captain Lee will often be invited to dinner by guests. The captain even participated in a wine-drinking game to please a group.

Yes, the charter guests have a way of wanting to include and impress the captain.

Do the guests act differently around Captain Lee?

One Twitter user got the conversation started when a charter guest made remarks chef Rachel served the group fake crab. It was accusatory and entitled, but the fan wanted to know if guests acted like that around Captain Lee.

“They do have a tendency to behave a bit better when I’m in their presence,” the captain replied.

Captain Lee tweets about Below Deck guests behavior.
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter

Below Deck, viewers often see a change in actions from guests and crew, too, the moment Captain Lee enters a room. It doesn’t mean the group immediately puts on their best behavior but instead, it is more of a best-effort behavior.

Not all guests change behavior around the captain

Based on a shocking preview clip for Below Deck Season 8, viewers know not all guests change their behavior when Captain Lee is around.

Some act exactly the same putting their most obnoxious foot forward, ignoring anything the captain or crew has to say. Thanks to a drunk guest who decided to take a nightly swim in the ocean, Captain Lee has had that happen this season.

The preview video shows the captain losing it to a woman and her friend, as the other guest commented on how Captain Lee will not like them thanks to their friend’s actions.

Yes, charter guests sometimes do act differently around the stud of the sea, Captain Lee Rosbach. However, that doesn’t mean guests have a right to do whatever they please on a yacht he is commanding.

Captain Lee will put up with a lot from guests, including outlandish demands, over-the-top behavior, and inappropriate remarks. It’s part of the job, but even he has his limits.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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