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Bachelor in Paradise: Here are the latest BIP casting rumors

Abigail Heringer on Bachelor.
Abigail is rumored to be coming to Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise has remained tight-lipped regarding this summer’s cast and has yet to confirm which alum from The Bachelor franchise will be on the island. Fans know more about the unique set of hosts that’ll join the series than they do the contestants.

However, filming for Bachelor in Paradise recently started, and Reality Steve dished the details on which cast members fans can most likely expect to see aim for a second chance at love, with one major spoiler about a special someone on Katie’s current season.

Since COVID-19 forced Bachelor In Paradise to not air last year, this season means alum from four different seasons of The Bachelor could make their BIP debut this year. Here’s all the alleged cast members joining this season of Bachelor in Paradise from Peter Weber, Clare Crawley/Tayshia Adams, Matt James, and now Katie Thurston’s season.

Eight women are rumored to be joining BIP from Peter Weber’s season

Peter’s time on The Bachelor aired in early 2020 before the pandemic drastically changed how the show operated. Peter ended up having a falling out with both his final two and then later tried to make it work with contestant Kelley Flanagan only for that to go up in flames as well.

This means all the ladies on Peter’s season left without finding love. But eight of those ladies weren’t ready to let their journey end there, and they will try again to meet their match on BIP.

The ladies who may appear from Peter’s season include Kelsey Weier, Victoria Paul, Tammy Ly, Deandra Kanu, Maurissa Gunn, Mykenna Dorn, Alexa Caves, and Natasha Parker.

Notable names from this list include Victoria Paul who’s past with fellow contestant Alayah stirred up drama for the two of them.

Mykenna Dorn also stood out in Peter’s season for her animated facial expressions and emotional exchanges with Peter and the other women. Natasha Parker made it far on Peter’s season as well, despite Natasha never getting a one-on-one until the last minute and being sent home shortly after.

Clare/Tayshia’s men will make a third attempt at love within the franchise

The Bachelorette Season 16 provided tons of unpredictability, and not just because of the global pandemic. The men on this season were the first to experience a change in who would be The Bachelorette with Tayshia replacing Clare after she quickly chose Dale and got engaged to him.

Tayshia did find her match among the remaining guys and is still in a relationship with Zac to this day.

Among the other men who weren’t so lucky to find love, the ones who will allegedly join BIP include Noah Erb, Chris Conran, Ivan Hall, Chasen Nick, Joe Park, Kenny Braasch, and Demar Jackson.

Out of all the men on this list, fans will likely be most excited to hear that the ever-so-sweet doctor, Joe Park, will be returning to their televisions. Joe became Bachelor Nation’s sweetheart and received an outpouring of love on the internet.

Season 16 star, Noah Erb, stood out as the youngest in the cast of men and the one with the unique facial hair that Tayshia actually preferred to see him without. Fans had a lot to say about Noah’s facial hair and his face off with Bennett, resulting in Bennett going home.

And lastly, the lovable Ivan Hall made it all the way to fantasy suites with Tayshia but ultimately was sent home when Tayshia realized she had stronger feelings for Ben and Zac.

Katie Thurston isn’t the only woman from Matt James’ season to still want love

Matt James may have arguably had the most controversial season of The Bachelor yet, mostly due to events occurring outside of the show itself. The women from his season will likely be eager to have a second chance at love on the more lighthearted Bachelor in Paradise series.

The women that most likely will show up from Matt’s season include Mari Pepin, Abigail Heringer, Jessenia Cruz, Alana Milne, Chelsea Vaughn, Serena Pitt, Serena Chew, and Victoria Larson, the queen of drama who recently debuted a glamorous new look.

Abigail Heringer made history as the first deaf contestant on The Bachelor. She and Matt seemed like they might really hit it off when he gave her his first impression rose, but their chemistry never grew from there, and Abigail tearfully was sent home.

Serena Pitt is another interesting name on the list, considering she made it very far in the love competition and seemed to have really captured Matt’s heart. In fact, she ended up self-eliminating towards the tail end of the season, leaving Matt heartbroken.

Katie may have let the cat out of the bag

Among all the names on the list, the one name from Katie’s season is a shocking spoiler. Usually, the men from the current season won’t be revealed to join BIP until much later, and only after they’ve been eliminated, but one interesting name has been leaked.

After The Bachelorette Season 17’s recent premiere, it would be easy to assume that Connor B., the Cat Man, likely goes the distance with Katie. After all, he was one of just three to share a kiss with Katie on the first night.

However, according to Reality Steve, it is almost certain that Connor B. will be joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast at some point and will likely be a part of the original cast that starts on the island from the jump.

It’ll be interesting to find out what turn of events occur on Katie’s season that sends Connor packing his bags and flying off to Mexico in search of some other cat-loving ladies to be his “fur-ever love.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday, August 16 at 8/7c on ABC.

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