These are all the guys Katie Thurston kissed on The Bachelorette premiere

Katie Thurston wheres pink in a lush green background
Katie Thurston looks summery while gushing about the guys on her season, Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 17 kicked off with a bang and three passionate moments between Katie and her new men.

Katie found almost every man who stepped out of the limo attractive, telling brand new hosts, Taysia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe, that these men are all a bunch of tens.

The first man Katie kissed on her debut as the Bachelorette was Investment Salesman, Justin. Despite being four years younger than Katie, Justin carried himself with a calming maturity.

During their private time together, Justin told Katie he’s an artist and he brought Katie one of the paintings he created. The painting featured an array of bright red roses in the shape of a heart with a large void in the middle.

Justin vulnerably explained to Katie that the missing hole in the heart of his meaningful painting represented the love he’s been missing in his life.

The dashing gentleman poetically told Katie, “Perhaps when we’re walking out of here and you hand me that final rose it’ll complete not only the painting but complete me as well”.

Katie felt visibly wooed by Justin’s words, art, and overall warm and authentic demeanor. Justin also got her laughing with his rose pun, “maybe we can petal out a time (for a date)”.

Once Justin moved the décor pillow so he could get closer to her, the two shared a passionate kiss. Afterward, Justin expressed his excitement and stated that the kiss left him eager for more.

Katie Thurston is a huge cat lover

The second guy to kiss Katie was Nashville math teacher, Connor B. Connor knew Katie was a cat fan and so he made his first impression by stepping out of the limo in a cat costume, including a cat-ear hoodie and furry paw gloves.

Connor’s cat costume and puns thrilled Katie, who adores cats and even has a cat at home named Tommy. Upon their initial meeting Katie exclaimed, “I think I’m in love” and validated Connor’s first impression with a cat pun of her own, stating, “I think it’s purr-fect.”

When Katie went inside and finally got some alone time with Connor B., the two laughed as they played “foot piano”. Sitting on the couch, Katie admitted that she couldn’t stop thinking about him because “anyone who comes in with a cat pun or cat costume knows what they’re doing”

Connor “Cat Man” B. told Katie he watched her season with Matt James and thinks she’s amazing because she wants to build people up instead of tear them down.

The two then shared a kiss that quickly turned into the most passionate make-out of the night. The black cat makeup Connor had on his nose got all over Katie’s face but that didn’t stop them from enjoying each other and continuing on with their makeout session.

Katie gives her first impression rose to the “shy guy”

Greg was the final guy that Katie kissed and he’s also the guy she gave the coveted first impression rose to.

Katie surprised herself by being so drawn to Greg because she considers herself and the guys she usually dates very extraverted. However, upon meeting the eligible bachelors this season, Katie expressed that she may learn she likes the more shy and demure guys like Greg, finding his nervousness endearing.

Greg told Katie he really truly feels there’s a connection between them, and Katie hoped to validate that by giving him the first impression rose. Greg was cutely flustered and blissful as she placed the rose on his lapel, and the two proceeded to share an intimate kiss.

Katie appears to have found the beginnings of deep connections with multiple men on the show and time will tell if the passionate moments she shared with Justin, Connor B., and Greg will grow into something more.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7 c on ABC

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