Ashley Mitchell says she’ll do ‘whatever it takes’ on The Challenge: Double Agents to reclaim her title

the challenge double agents ashley mitchell talks about reclaiming her title
Ashley Mitchell will compete on MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge: Double Agents, fans will see one of the top earners in the history of the show, Ashley Mitchell, competing as she returns for her eighth regular season.

Last season, she lost her title as the show’s highest earner of all-time, as Johnny Bananas became a seven-time champion and added to his cumulative winnings.

However, in a new teaser interview video, Ashley says she’s ready to do “whatever it takes” to get that title back.

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Ashley Mitchell appears in The Challenge: Double Agents clip

As the countdown to The Challenge: Double Agents continues, MTV is rolling out teaser interview clips from some of the game’s biggest stars and top competitors. That included Wes Bergmann revealing why the game makes him stronger in life. It also included Aneesa Ferreira talking about which competitors she needs to eliminate.

One of those competitors should be Ashley Mitchell, who has proven herself a tough player in the reality competition series. She’s a two-time winner, and up until Bananas’ win on Total Madness last season, Ashley ranked at the top of the list for earnings.

In her new Double Agents clip, Ashley indicates she wants that title back and is ready to do whatever is necessary. That’s not surprising based on previous wins.

“I am $63,000 away from being the highest-earning Challenger of all time,” Ashley says in her clip, which includes highlights of her two finals wins.

“That title just got taken from me, and I’m gonna do whatever it takes in here, blood, sweat, tears, lies, deception, to get my title back,” she says in closing.


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Ashley’s first win on The Challenge came on Invasion of the Champions in 2017, which Chris “CT” Tamburello also won. On 2018’s Final Reckoning, Ashley shocked viewers when she decided to keep all one million dollars of the prize money to herself, rather than splitting it with partner Hunter Barfield.

It etched her name in Challenge history for being a major threat as a competitor and made her someone to watch out for. The win also put her atop the list as the highest-earner on The Challenge.

However, Johnny Bananas reclaimed the title when he won Total Madness, as he now has $63,000 more than Ashley.

Ashley faces new threats on Double Agents

Ashley won’t have to worry about Johnny Bananas adding to his earning on the new season, as he’s not part of MTV’s Double Agents cast. However, she will have new rookies to worry about, one of whom is an Olympic athlete she’s encountered before.

Bobsledding and Track & Field star Lolo Jones will be part of Season 36, which marks her first regular season. She previously appeared on MTV’s spinoff shows, Champs vs. Stars in 2017, which also featured Ashley Mitchell.

During that series, Lolo and Ashley faced off in an elimination event, which saw the Olympian send the Challenge star home. So it seems that Ashley may need to find a way to either form an alliance with Lolo or eliminate her as early as possible.

In another video clip that MTV released, competitors listed off who they think are their biggest threats on Double Agents. Female competitors consistently listed Lolo Jones and Survivor winner Natalie Anderson as their biggest threats.

In addition to Lolo and Natalie, Ashley will have to worry about familiar faces and foes on the show, including Nany Gonzalez, Aneesa Ferreira, Kaycee Clark, Kam Williams, and Wes Bergmann. There will also be newcomers such as Amber Borzotra, Gabby Allen, and Amber M looking to win the game.

Based on Ashley’s teaser clip, she will once again try to use her cunning ways to reclaim her title of highest Challenge earner. However, viewers better believe there will be plenty of competitors looking to eliminate her as a threat this season.

Lolo Jones vs. Ashley Going the Distance Elimination | The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, December 9, at 8/7c on MTV.

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