Natalie Anderson and Lolo Jones of The Challenge: Double Agents considered biggest threats

Natalie Anderson Lolo Jones The Challenge Double Agents biggest threats
The Challenge: Double Agents rookie Natalie Anderson is the winner of Survivor Season 29. Pic credit: MTV

Rookies Natalie Anderson and Lolo Jones of The Challenge: Double Agents seem to be the newcomers that most people are watching out for on the new season.

Both of the rookies’ names consistently came up among other competitors when discussing the biggest threats on Season 36.

That makes sense based on their backgrounds, too, as both women are fierce competitors with lots of experience in competitive physical events that will help them in the game.

Natalie Anderson and Lolo Jones are major threats on Double Agents

MTV’s The Challenge has been posting various video clips on their Instagram to get fans ready for the Double Agents premiere.

One of the videos featured competitors talking about who they were crushing on, with many people naming Lolo Jones as one of the good-looking individuals in the house.

It seems Lolo is also considered a major target in terms of the actual competition. Several people brought her up in another video The Challenge shared (below) where competitors named their “biggest threat” in the game.


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“We have Natalie, who is like the ultimate Survivor. You have Lolo Jones, who is an Olympian. I mean, there’s so many new people in this game who are strong, it’s like why couldn’t I just have gotten my win when like only Cara and Camila were here?” Tori Deal said in the video.

“I would say Lolo because she can take like one step, and for me, that’s like six steps because she’s so tall and I’m so small,” Amber M said.

“There are definitely a lot of strong females this season,” veteran Aneesa Ferreira said. She named Lolo, Natalie, Tori Deal, and Theresa Jones as some of the strong female competitors this season.

Natalie and Lolo bring athleticism, competitive experience

By now, it’s no secret that Lolo Jones is one of the top threats in the game due to her being a world-class athlete. She’s competed in three Olympics and is now training for another as a US women’s national bobsled team member.

In addition, Lolo previously appeared on The Challenge spinoff series, Champs vs. Pros, which wasn’t quite like a full season. However, it may have given her a bit of insight into the game and helped her develop a few connections. Several competitors from that show are on Double Agents.

She previously admitted that she chose to go on Double Agents because she had been training for Track and Field, and then the pandemic hit. So The Challenge was a way for her to compete in something during the pandemic.

Natalie Anderson is the Survivor Season 29 winner. That season was Survivor: San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua back in 2014. Natalie, who is now 34 years old, competed on the show with her twin sister, Nadiya, who was the first contestant voted off the show. The twins hail from New York.

Natalie also was among the competitors on the more recent Survivor: Winners at War. She was voted out first and then fought to get back in the game. She ultimately finished as the runner-up to Tony Vlachos.

She and her sister also competed on The Amazing Race. As Natalie mentioned in the video above, she won’t be forced to live in the elements and gets to sleep in a bed in an actual house for this competition.

She’s also a CrossFit coach, as Aneesa mentioned in the video above, which helps quite a bit in being prepared to compete.

Based on Natalie’s Instagram, she does quite a bit of training and is in peak physical condition. The fact that Natalie has competed on, and won Survivor, is physically tough and puts in so much work to stay fit, certainly gives her an edge over the competition.

Viewers will be eager to watch how Natalie Anderson and Lolo Jones perform in their rookie season on The Challenge!

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, December 9 at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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