Lolo Jones of The Challenge reveals why she chose to participate in Double Agents

Lolo Jones sharing her reasons.
U.S. Olympian Lolo Jones is amongst rookie competitors on The Challenge: Double Agents: Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

Lolo Jones of The Challenge is considered a rookie on Season 36 of the competition series, although she’s been part of the show in a way before.

The U.S. Olympian, who has competed in track and field events, previously competed on the Champs vs. Pros spin-off series, which had other athletes on a team against Challenge stars.

Just recently, Lolo gave insight into what made her decide to appear as part of The Challenge: Double Agents cast.

Lolo Jones reveals why she did The Challenge Season 36

On Wednesday, The Challenge: Double Agents rookie Lolo Jones shared an Instagram post talking about how she’s been silent for a good amount of time, as far as returning texts or messages.

That’s because she’s been preparing to try to make it onto the US National Bobsled Team, which has required a good bit of training.

Jones said, her “body has transformed three times this year” due to the different events she was participating in. One of those was “Track & Field,” which she said she was all set to do at a weight of 143 pounds.

She said that’s when the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down, and she was unable to compete in what she’d prepared for.

“After months of sitting in my house with all my races canceled, I was beyond frustrated. I just wanted to compete in something. I didn’t care what. So I decided to go on the reality show @challengemtv,” Jones wrote in her IG post.

Jones went on to talk about what being on The Challenge required. She said she realized once she got on the show working on endurance was key, so she dropped down to 133 pounds, which was her “lightest weight in years.”

“Also on the show, we stayed in the house 85% of the time due to Covid restrictions while filming. Pretty hard to train for Olympics properly but at least I was competing in something⁣,” Jones wrote in her post.


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Jones’ post has racked up over 31,000 likes and plenty of supportive comments, including some from Challenge competitors, past and present. They include Cara Maria Sorbello, Paulie Calafiore, Nany Gonzalez, Tori Deal, and Kam Williams. Even The Challenge host TJ Lavin dropped by to show some love.

Jones started Olympics training after Double Agents

Interestingly, Jones said she went straight to the Olympic Training Center in New York for her US National Bobsled Team preparation after The Challenge: Double Agents finished.

The show wrapped up several weeks ago, with the new cast revealed and a trailer unveiled. The show itself is set to arrive in early December.

Jones could be one of several The Challenge stars competing on a United States Bobsled team in the upcoming Winter Games. She also helped former Big Brother and Challenge star Paulie Calafiore get hooked up with a call to try out, and he’s been in intense training ever since.

Meanwhile, Jones indicated she’d typically spend six months training for something like the bobsled team. Instead, it was just three weeks due to all of the craziness that’s been going on, including being on MTV’s The Challenge for weeks.

Fans will certainly be interested to see how far the US Olympian gets on the competition series, which also involves some fierce veterans and hungry rookies vying for their share of the big prize pool.


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The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, December 9 at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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