Anna Duggar spotted looking happy as Josh Duggar’s sentencing looms

Anna Duggar and Maryella.
Anna Duggar smiles away at event with Duggar family members. Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Anna Duggar hasn’t been spotted much since Josh Duggar was found guilty of possession and receipt of child pornography in December 2021.

He was taken directly into custody, and Anna was seen leaving the courthouse surrounded by the Spiveys and Jim Bob Duggar.

Since then, there have only been a few sightings, including one at the Duggar’s annual ugly sweater party. Eagle-eyed Redditors spotted Anna at what appeared to be a vow renewal, where she was all smiles.

Anna Duggar smiles big with friends

Over on Reddit, the Snarkers found some Instagram photos from what appears to be a vow renewal.

In the three slides shown, Michelle Duggar is in the first one, Joy-Anna Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett are in the third, and Anna Duggar poses with the bride and someone else with a huge smile on her face.

She is clearly still very close to the family, and it looks like Joy-Anna and Abbie are still fond of their sister-in-law despite what Josh did.

The Snarkers jumped right in by commenting about Anna and the pink satin outfit she chose for the occasion.

One wrote, “What in the world is Anna wearing? It looks very Golden Girls. Sorry to dis my beloved 4… but damn!”

Another critical commenter said, “It looks like a nightgown/robe that Blanche would wear.”

Reddit comment
Pic credit: @teresasdorters/Reddit

What’s next for Anna Duggar?

Currently, Anna Duggar is living on the Duggar property. She and her seven children are all being taken care of by Jim Bob and Michelle. These arrangements will likely continue, depending on what happens with her husband, Josh Duggar.

In a little over a month, Josh will face the judge to find out his sentence on the two counts he was found guilty of back in December. He faces up to 20 years and a $250,000 fine per count. His new sentencing date is May 25, after being pushed back from April 5. 

Anna Duggar remained by Josh’s side from the moment he was arrested in April 2021, all the way until he was taken back into custody in December. She walked hand-in-hand with him each day in court and sat through all of the testimony. Anna didn’t waver in her support, and she even shared a clickbait article about the “real truth” regarding Josh.

She is still living her life with the Duggars, even though Josh is sitting in jail awaiting his fate.

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9 months ago

Screw the Snarkers. Time for them to get a life.