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Amy Duggar King says, ‘I will not be silenced’ — Is she talking about the Duggars?

Amy Duggar King on 19 Kids and Counting.
Amy Duggar King isn’t shy about speaking out. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Duggar King has been out of the reality television world for years, but her connection to the Duggar family keeps her name in the headlines.

She has been vocal following the arrest of her oldest cousin, Josh Duggar, on child pornography charges. Amy wasn’t impressed when the first round of scandals rocked the family in 2015, and she’s even less impressed now.

Earlier this week, Amy shared herself in a stunning dress that bared her shoulders. Following that, she posted subtle shade, which followers believe was for Anna Duggar.

‘I will not be silenced’ says Amy Duggar King

On Twitter, Amy Duggar King shared a video of herself playing with her son, Daxton. She banged the utensils as she pretended to warn people she would be speaking.

She said, “I will not be silenced. And neither should you.” It was obviously meant as a message for someone without blatantly telling the person. The assumption is it was for Anna Duggar, or actually, any of the other Duggar women.

There is an NDA agreement between Amy Duggar King and Jim Bob Duggar. The former reality star discussed it last year, but there wasn’t an elaboration, just a confirmation. It is widely known that he had issues with Amy being around his older daughters because she was more “worldly.”

Amy Duggar King and Jill Duggar remain close

Cousins share a special bond, and Amy Duggar King and Jill Duggar make the most of it. The two women spend a lot of time together and have helped one another in the days since news of Josh Duggar’s legal issues spread.

Jill has come a long way from where she was before leaving Counting On. She and Derick Dillard have spoken out their rift with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar at length. While the details are scarce, what the couple has said revealed there were disputes over money, time, and other things.

Despite the NDA, Amy remains vocal about her thoughts and opinions. She knows just how far to push to get her point across without crossing the line that would break the agreement. The subtle shade and videos are the perfect way to do that, and without anyone being tagged, nothing is put too far out in the open.

Who Amy Duggar King made the “I will not be silenced” video for is unclear, but it was something that needed to be said.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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