Josh Duggar child pornography case: Homeland Security Agent recounts disturbing details of allegations

Anna and Josh in a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Anna Duggar remains by Josh Duggar’s side. Pic credit: TLC

Details of some the allegations in Josh Duggar’s possession and distribution of child pornography case were laid out during his detention hearing yesterday

The Zoom hearing went on for several hours with testimony from a Homeland Security Agent who investigated the former reality TV star. Several other people also took part.

Josh was granted bail, but has several stipulations he has to abide by, including wearing a tracking device, living with family friends Lacount and Maria Reber, and only seeing his children while his wife, Anna Duggar, is present. 

What did the Homeland Security Agent say about Josh Duggar’s case?

According to People, Josh Duggar is accused of having over 200 images of child sexual abuse in his possession. 

Agent Gerald Faulkner told the hearing that computer files said to have been found on Josh’s computer featured “child sexual abuse material involving minor children ranging from about 18 months of age to 12 years of age.”

He went on to say, “And I can say in 11 years of doing this and the thousands and thousands of child pornography images and videos I’ve had unfortunately to see, the … series ranks in the top five of the worst of the worst that I’ve ever had to examine.”

Josh Duggar reportedly had his phone, an HP computer, and a Macbook taken from his possession following a raid in November 2019. 

What are the next steps for Josh Duggar? 

The former 19 Kids and Counting star is expected to be released at some point today into the custody of Lacount and Maria Reber. 

Josh is due to stand trial in July, and faces two child pornography charges — one count for possession and one count for distribution. Both carry 20 years maximum in prison if convicted and up to a $250,000 fine per count. 

One of the attorneys that Josh hired is an expert in sex crimes, and he has several accolades that he has acquired by getting charges dropped or having the cases dismissed completely. 

Until the trial, Lacount and Maria will be responsible for monitoring Josh’s day-to-day life. When granting him bail, the judge was clear about the rules he must abide by and told him not make her regret the decision to allow him to be released.

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