Amy Duggar King reveals NDA on Instagram Live, watches what she says about Duggars

Amy Duggar King in a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Amy Duggar King signed an NDA. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Duggar King hasn’t been vocal about her Duggar cousins because she has signed an NDA. A non-disclosure agreement forbids her from spilling all of the tea about the family who helped make her name known.

Recently, Amy Duggar King and her mom, Deanna Duggar, were on Instagram Live and joked about the document. The Duggar family came up, and the mother stopped her daughter, reminding her about the NDA.

Why does Amy Duggar King have an NDA?

There has always been some animosity between the Duggar cousin and Jim Bob Duggar. She appeared on 19 Kids and Counting, but she was never a staple. It has been alleged that the Duggar patriarch believed his niece was too worldly and would negatively influence his kids.

She knows a lot of what happens within the family, so an NDA to protect them made sense to Jim Bob Duggar. From the context on Instagram Live, it appears that Deanna Duggar may also have signed a similar agreement.

A few months back, Amy Duggar King talked with Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball. There was talk about everything from mommyhood to why women shouldn’t be silenced. Around the 55 minute mark, Katie makes an impression of what appears to be Michelle Duggar, and Amy couldn’t contain the laughs.

Silence doesn’t mean Amy Duggar King agrees with Jim Bob Duggar

Even though she may not be able to speak out without being sued, she has shown support for her cousin, Jill Duggar. Amy Duggar King co-signed a claim made by Derick Dillard and encouraged him to continue to talk about what is happening.

For her part, Amy has remained out of the spotlight. She has married and welcomed her first child. Last year, she lost Grandma Mary Duggar while she was expecting her son. This loss was a tough situation for her, mainly because the two women were so close.

Jim Bob Duggar chose to cash in on Grandma Mary Duggar’s death and aired a portion of the wake and funeral last season on Counting On. Amy talked about her personal choice of not filming as she wanted her mourning to remain private.

Despite all of the Duggar family drama, Amy Duggar King appears to be doing well in life. She has her own business, is a mom, and remains close to her mother. Reality television wasn’t her thing, but she supported her cousins.

Counting On returns Tuesday, June 30 at 9/8c on TLC.

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3 years ago

You go girl. So proud of you. I bet yur mom is too. Onward Upward. God and family 1st.