Amy Duggar King claps back at Laura DeMasie, ‘You might want to be careful who you work for’

Amy Duggar King and Laura DeMasie in confessionals.
Amy Duggar King clapped back at Laura DeMasie. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Duggar King is getting pushback from a Duggar friend, Laura DeMasie.

The Duggar cousin has been sharing things as Josh Duggar’s trial is playing out, and some of the comments she’s made have been about her famous family.

Earlier today, she shared an Instagram post thanking her mom, Deanna Duggar, for teaching her it’s okay to express her emotions.

This comes after she low-key-shaded Justin Duggar for his thumbs-up photo outside the courthouse during day two of Josh Duggar’s trial.

Amy Duggar King claps back at Laura DeMasie

On Instagram, Amy captioned her post, “Thankful for you and how you taught me it’s ok to express my emotions. I can’t imagine being controlled in every way possible including my honest feelings.”

“Being “happy” all the time isn’t attainable. That’s not how life is and you shouldn’t have to force a smile if that’s not how you truly feeling. I will teach my son that being authentic is what the Lord asks of us. Love you mom. Always. @deanna_duggar”

That prompted followers to weigh in on Amy’s words, including Duggar friend, Laura DeMasie.

A comment from a follower kicked off the Instagram feud when they wrote, “Everything you say does not have to be a passive dog [sic] at others.”

Laura DeMasie chimed in with, “Amen”

That’s when Amy responded, saying, “I will speak the truth and inform everyone of how IBLP is harmful and destructive.”

She then wrote, “Also girl you might want to be careful of who you ‘work’ for.”

Followers were stunned, calling out Laura for not standing up for “abused children,” and another suggested she “maybe sit this one out.”

Amy and Laura's back and forth.
Pic credit: @amyrachelleking/Instagram

Who is Laura DeMasie?

Some newer Duggar followers or critics may be wondering why Laura DeMasie calling out Amy Duggar King is relevant since her last name isn’t Duggar.

Laura is Jana Duggar’s best friend. She is a long-time family friend and often travels with Jana and hangs out with the family when they visit Branson or other places around the country.

At one point, rumors circulated that Jana and Laura might have been an item, but they have denied it repeatedly. They enjoy working together on projects and have traveled to Las Vegas for home shows together.

It was interesting that Laura decided to comment on Amy’s post, especially since the Duggars have been quiet since Josh Duggar’s trial began earlier this week.

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shirley rhinehart
shirley rhinehart
1 year ago

i dont think amy caare in speaking the truth.i think she wants the attention