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Jana Duggar spends time with Laura DeMasie, reigniting ‘more than friends’ rumors

Jana and Laura helped Jinger move to Texas
Jana Duggar and Laura DeMasie spend time in Texas together. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar and her relationship status is a hot topic at all times. As the eldest daughter inches closer to her 30th birthday, remaining single has caused quite a plethora of rumors within Duggar circles on social media.

While Jana Duggar may not have a man by her side, her best friend Laura DeMasie has been a constant on the show and in photos. The two often spend time together hanging out, drinking coffee, and shopping. Laura has helped Jana with several of her siblings’ weddings as well.

There has been a bit of speculation regarding the relationship between Jana Duggar and Laura DeMasie. Many viewers have insinuated the two may be more than friends as both are older females and they spend a lot of time with one another. Jana has denied that there is any type of romantic relationship with her friends, but followers continue to ask whether the two are a couple.

Jana Duggar gets comments on Instagram.
Jana Duggar is asked if she and Laura DeMasie are a couple. Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

Given what the Duggar family believes, even if Jana Duggar was interested in women, she would likely not make that public. Her family is incredibly conservative and being gay doesn’t fit into their beliefs. Jana and her sexuality have been heavily talked about over the years, especially being brought back up when one of her siblings marry.

This time, the rumor mill churned because Jana Duggar was in Austin, Texas over the weekend with a group of friends for a wedding. Of course, she shared photos and Laura DeMasie was in them with her. The two appeared to be enjoying themselves while in Texas.

Laura isn’t the only one consistently linked to Jana Duggar. Lawson Bates also seems to be someone who Duggar fans want to see the eldest daughter with. They recently reignited dating rumors when they spent time in the Bahamas together and then again in Florida following the completion of their mission work.

While Jana Duggar has denied she is gay or is interested in women in any capacity, some Duggar fans aren’t so sure. With her twin brother coming up on his first wedding anniversary and expecting his first child, Jana has some catching up to do.

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