American Idol: Ranking the Top 5 singers based on chance of winning

The American Idol top 5
The American Idol top 5. Pic credit: ABC

American Idol is heading to its grand finale and there are five singers left vying for this year’s title.

Of those singers, there are only one of the prized Platinum Ticket holders left. There are two county singers. There are two indie singers that have captured the world’s hearts. There is one singer with a huge voice that proved she belonged.

However, only three people will leave Sunday night’s episode still in the running and only one of them will be named this year’s American Idol.

Here is a look at the Top 5, in the order of their chance to win it all.

5. Leah Marlene

Leah Marlene came into the audition round and moved on thanks to a mix of her voice and her infectious personality. She has coasted into the Top 5 thanks to those two traits.

However, as the competition moved on, she began to change and stopped getting by on her personality and she proved that there was a lot more to her by singing songs that pushed her to improve every week.

However, in the Top 5, things are tougher. She will come into the round as a former frontrunner who now will have to fight for her spot in the Top 3.

She can do it, but it won’t be easy.

4. Nicolina Bozzo

Nicolina has a huge voice, and if pure musical talent wins out on American Idol, she would be a shoo-in. She is the best singer left in the competition and has a bright future, especially if she chooses to move on to Broadway.

However, for American Idol, she has a big uphill battle in front of her. She does have one advantage heading into the Top 5, as she can sing anything Carrie Underwood can sing, and that will help her in this round.

However, she doesn’t have the story that some of the other competitors have and that might hurt with her competing for fan votes.

3. HunterGirl

HunterGirl is the only Platinum Ticket holder left. After Kenedi Anderson quit American Idol and Jay Copeland was voted out in the Top 7 round, she is the last one standing.

She is a very popular and charismatic country singer and she has a great story as well, working with veterans and creating songs to help them get past issues such as PTSD.

She also has a very marketable voice and should move into the Top 3 as she hasn’t had any reason to worry yet in the competition.

HunterGirl also has a new single you can listen to here.

2. Noah Thompson

Noah Thompson has been an underdog this entire season on American Idol. However, that has helped him move into the Top 5 since he has people wanting to see him achieve his dreams.

Noah wasn’t confident enough to sign up and a close friend did it for him and came with him to the audition. Since that time, he has improved each week and seems to be someone fans connect with, similar to last year’s winner Chayce Beckham.

Plus, Luke Bryan considers him the new frontrunner.

1. Fritz Hager

Fritz Hager came into the competition with a humble personality and he won over a lot of fans.

There are people out there who see similarities between him and other pop stars like Harry Styles – except that Noah seems a lot more humble and grateful for this chance.

He has also done an amazing job of taking songs and rethinking them, putting his own spin on them, and then fans have been voting for him every week of the competition.

While Noah is closing in, Fritz still seems to be the singer that most fans are talking about.

American Idol airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 years ago

Fritz is ok but I’m still betting on Noah, Nicolina, and Hunter Girl. Most people I know are voting on them. But I know all 5 will do well –coming in first doesn’t mean big careers on American Idol.

2 years ago

They all are ordinary. This show cannot find a Sinatra, Elvis, Whitney Houston, Cher, Celine Dion UNIQUE voice. These singers are nothing special.

Janet Strouse
Janet Strouse
2 years ago


Rita Nunley
Rita Nunley
2 years ago

This year’s winner is the biggest toss up I’ve ever seen. They all have what it takes. My music taste is so eclectic. I’m in love with all 5 in different ways.
Good luck to all. ?