American Idol’s Luke Bryan reveals his favorite to win this season

Luke Bryan on American Idol
Luke Bryan on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

This season, American Idol had some fantastic singers. Some hugely talented singers have already gone home, including Jay Copeland, who just released his first single today.

There are only five singers left: a pair of country singers, one big-voiced star, and two fan favorites with more of an indie rock sound.

Judge Luke Bryan knows how talented the Top 5 are, and he feels that they all have a chance to win, but he has pinpointed his frontrunner for the championship.

Who does Luke Bryan think will win American Idol?

The final five singers have never had a week where they were in danger. They always got the judges’ votes, and they also had the fans vote them through every week since that voting started.

One thing that the American Idol judges have done all season – and this was ridiculed by former judge Randy Jackson – was to praise the singers every week. They are more positive than the often overly negative original judges.

As a result, it is hard to tell who they liked the best since they told every single singer that they deserved to move on in the competition every week.

However, Luke finally opened up in an Access Hollywood interview about the Top 5 and who he thought was the frontrunner to win it all this season on American Idol.

His pick was a surprise. He chose country singer Noah Thompson.

“When I look at the way Noah is able to really just humbly connect; I think America really loves those stories. But, I think it’s anybody’s game. I really do,” Luke said. “Everybody in that Top 5 … has their things that really make them stand out. So, we’ll see, I think Noah might be my frontrunner right now.”

Luke also said, “At this point, enjoy it. You made Top 5. You’re getting the best exposure you could ever wish and want for. And I think you just have to get up there and have fun and pick some songs that really allow you to continue to connect.”

The American Idol Top 5

Noah Thompson is a construction worker whose best friend brought him in to audition and who has impressed voters with his country voice throughout the competition.

Fritz Hager has come on strong as a fan favorite as well and he even made it through the fan-voting last week, despite being very ill with COVID-19.

Leah Marlene is a singer who has been able to win fans thanks to her infectious and happy personality but has backed it up with some fantastic performances down the stretch.

Nicolina is a young singer with a huge voice who has allowed her amazing vocal performances to carry her into the Top 5.

Finally, there is HunterGirl, who is the only Platinum Ticket holder remaining and has used her great country performances and her story as a singer who works with U.S. veterans to push her into the Top 5.

American Idol airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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Edward j Schleicher jr
Edward j Schleicher jr
2 years ago

I’d have say HunterGirl with Fritz a vvvveeeerrrryyyyy close second it’s so close among the top 5 this has to be one of the hardest picks ever.