American Idol names its Top 7: Here is who is still in the running

American Idol during Disney Night
American Idol during Disney Night. Pic credit: ABC

American Idol had its Disney Night on Sunday, and while it should be the happiest time of the year, it was actually a tough night.

Three singers went home on Disney Night based on fan votes, dropping the competitors down to the top 7. Going home on American Idol’s Disney Night was Mike Parker, Emyrson Flora, and Lady K.

That means the final seven are in place to start the final rounds next weekend.

Here are the American Idol Top 7 from Season 20.

Fritz Hager

Fritz Hager has come a long way on American Idol and has become a frontrunner on the show.

The youthful-looking singer has brought comparisons to Harry Styles and it seems that fans love what he brings to his performances.

He even just watched his debut EP race to number one on the pop charts.

On Disney Night, Fritz sang Go the Distance from Hercules and moved on to the top 7.

Christian Guardino

Christian Guardino has taken advantage of his second chance after making his name originally on America’s Got Talent.

He has a great life story; he was going blind but regaining his eyesight thanks to experimental surgery. Now, he is proving to have one of the best voices of any male competing this season.

Christian performed Circle of Life from The Lion King and moved on.


Nicolina did something no other American Idol contestant ever did before. She sang a villain’s song on Disney Night.

She also got lucky to have Derek Hough mentor her as he helped her with her stage presence.

She gave an amazing performance, and she moved on to the American Idol top 7.

Leah Marlene

Leah Marlene has picked up a lot of fans during her American Idol journey.

She carries her fun-loving kookiness like a badge of honor and has everyone out there who feels a little crazy on her side.

She sang When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2 and moved on to the top 7.

Jay Copeland

Jay Copeland had to have a judges’ save a couple of weeks ago and he has not let up since then.

The Platinum Ticket holder has many fans rooting against him because of that advantage, but he is turning in great performance after great performance, week after week.

On Disney Night, he sang Remember Me from Coco and moved on to the top 7.


HunterGirl is the second Platinum Ticket holder, but she hasn’t had the same disadvantage as Jay. As the only female true country singer left in the competition, she is on fire right now.

HunterGirl works with veterans and creates songs to help them recover from PTSD and other afflictions. She just saw one of her original songs jump up the music charts.

On Disney Night, she sang I See the Light from Tangled and moved on to the top 7.

Noah Thompson

The wildcard this season is country singer Noah Thompson.

While he never had the strongest voice of the male country singers, he has made it to the top 7 thanks to his sincerity, humbleness, and improvement throughout the season.

He sang You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story and is the underdog heading into the top 7.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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Richard K. Louis
Richard K. Louis
10 months ago

We watch Idol every single year & always are in aww with the talent. We just saw the 5 finalist picks Sunday & cannot believe the choices. There has got to be some kind of setup. Noah, Leah & Huntergirl were noway in H–L better singers than Christian & Jay. In our opinion we think that Idol folks are just picking the winners on their own & not using the call in votes. Just saying & simply MY opinion. RKLouis