90 Day Fiance’s David Toborowsky shared a hilarious video meme that a fan made about him

David Toborowsky
A fan made a funny video featuring 90 Day Fiance’s David Toborowsky that was actually shared by David, who thought it was hilarious Pic credit: TLC

David Toborowsky shared a funny video meme that a fan made about him, and the post got a lot of attention. The manipulated video featured David singing the words to the song, Astronaut in the Ocean by Masked Wolf.

The video was funny for its portrayal of David singing the song and the facial expressions that the video’s creator had him make.

Fellow 90 Day Fiance cast members dropped comments on the video as well and expressed how much the altered video made them laugh.

YouTube video player

David is very active on social media and loves to interact with his followers, hence this sharing of a funny video from a fan of his.

The video David shared was very popular

David shared the video to his Instagram page and added the caption, “Happy Tuesday. Thank you @90_day_alltheway for this meme. Also one of my favorite songs.”

The video got over 100,000 views and almost 1000 comments.

David is a very popular person from the 90 Day Fiance franchise and always goes out of his way to connect with fans, and he also doesn’t mind laughing at himself, which is why this video was so great.

Cast members from all across the 90 Day Fiance franchise dropped comments and likes, including Molly Hopkins, Jenny and Sumit, Evelyn Cormier, Corey Rathgeber, and Yara Zaya. His wife, and biggest supporter, Annie, was also in the comments.

Fans comment on the video
Pic credit: @tobrowsky_david/Instagram

David and Annie are recurring cast members within the 90 Day Fiance franchise

52-year-old David and 28-year-old Annie had a lot of obstacles to overcome during their original run on 90 Day Fiance. Their financial, cultural, and personal problems continued into Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? where viewers continued to see the love they had for each other remain stronger than their issues.

Their perseverance and commitment to one another earned them a lot of fans and their personal success afforded them more opportunities to step into a better situation.

Now they live in Arizona and have appeared on many of the 90 Day Fiance spinoffs, and they even got their own cooking show, Spice it up with David and Annie.

They are friends with many of the 90 Day Fiance cast members and are passionate about interacting with their fans over social media or Cameo videos.

David did get in a bit of hot water during Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance when he picked a fight with Andrew Kenton over Instagram.

Spice it up with David and Annie is currently streaming on

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2 years ago

From our 1 1/2 year personal experience we believe David and Annie are disingenuous, superficial, and put on a front for publicity to keep the money coming in. They cost us thousands of dollars, and have no regard for it. Their agent Dominque borrowed ten thousand dollars from us, 14 months ago and has not paid a dime back despite us asking numerous times. Once we pushed the issue to pay, we became the “evil” people. And for the record, we had/have zero interest in being TV celebrities. We are where we want to be in life financially. We like to help others so we sent thousands to Annie’s relatives in Thailand (prompted by Annie) to help them have a little better life. A lesson learned; don’t trust those that learned to act for a living. So much more behind the scenes we can say.