David and Annie from 90 Day Fiancé celebrate 4 years together despite the odds

David and Annie Toborowsky from 90 Day Fiance
David and Annie have beaten the odds and celebrated four years together. Pic credit: TLC

David and Annie Toborowsky from Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé quickly became popular and highly discussed because of their 24-year age difference and the unique obstacles they faced to make their relationship work.

David posted a photo to Instagram highlighting the couples four year anniversary by saying, “Time flies by so fast. 4 years and 4 filters ago this was us.”

Annie sweetly replied to her husband by saying, “[heart emojis] My love for you never change.” This comment received over 130 likes, and the post itself got over 12,000 likes.

Fans were quick to cheer the couple on and a lot of followers said that they are their favorite couple from the show.

Their popularity has grown since their time on 90 Day Fiance

The post from David featured a throwback photo of the pair from 4 years ago.

David and Annie received a lot of comments from their followers celebrating the milestone with them.

Fans of David and Annie left comments for the couples anniversary pic. Pic credit: @toborowsky_david/Instagram

The pair became so popular after the show aired because they stayed together despite the odds, and continue to express their love for each other in a genuine and deep way on and off-camera.

They have become so popular that they have gone on to be featured on Happily Ever After, Pillow Talk, Bares All, Love Games, 90 Day Journey, and most recently, their own cooking show spin-off called Spice it Up with David and Annie.

David and Annie on Spice It Up with David and Annie, a TLC 90 Day Fiance spinoff
David and Annie are so popular that they got their own cooking show spin off, Spicing It Up With David and Annie. Pic credit: TLC

Their individual charismas as well as their tangible love is what keeps fans wanting to see them on their TV screens.

David and Annie on 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk
David and Annie have been featured on 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk among other spin-offs. Pic credit: TLC

They faced a lot of adversity along the way

David’s lack of stability, job, money, a place to live, and family support were some of the major issues the couples faced during their time on Season 5.

David was in poor health before he met Annie, and their difference in physical appearance had been talked about a lot.

David and Annie Toborowsky from 90 Day Fiance
David and Annie had a lot of obstacles to overcome to have a successful relationship. Pic credit: TLC

David’s drinking and inappropriate antics while intoxicated played out during their time on the show, but he was able to change and overcome his bad behavior.

David and Annie are loved by fans and continue to show their faces on the various 90 Day Fiancé spin-offs. Fans were happy to celebrate their 4 year anniversary with the couple over Instagram.

They currently live in Scottsdale, Arizona and seem to be a lot more well off than they were a few years ago.

90 Day: The Single Life Pillow Talk premieres on Discovery+ on Sundays.

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