90 Day Fiancé’s latest villain Andrew Kenton threatens David Toborowsky: ‘I’ll beat him down’

David and Andrew from 90 Day Fiance
David and Andrew from 90 Day Fiancé have became embroiled in a fight, with Andrew threatening David. Pic credit: TLC

There is a bizarre new fight between Andrew Kenton and David Toborowsky, being labeled as #tobogate. Andrew Kenton released a video exclaiming that he will beat David down for what he perceived as defaming comments.

David and Annie released a cameo video for Amira at the request of a cameo patron where David said, “Sometimes people make bad decisions Andrew, and I know because I’ve made bad decisions. But you know not all Americans are like that.” He went on to say, “I’m not going to make any judgments against Andrew, that’s not my place.”

Andrew saw this and took it to mean that David was talking badly about him and released a weirdly done video threatening David.

This debacle made fans of the show and supporters of Amira and David dislike Andrew even more and gave him a 90 Day Fiancé villain title.

The response to Andrew’s threats

David released the full cameo video that got Andrew’s skin.

One 90 Day Fiancé fan was able to snag the threatening video from Andrew’s page before he took it down.

Andrew said in response to a viewer question about who he would fight from the 90 Day Fiance franchise, “A couple of them have been talking s**t about me. Who’s been talking s**t about me? The one that looks like a Ninja Turtle, Penguin, Batman ass b***h. I’ll beat him down.”

Fans were disgusted by Andrew’s rhetoric and many left comments about how they feel about him.

IG comments on David's post
Fans comment on the situation with Andrew in support of David. Pic credit: @toborowsky_david/Instagram

Amira also posted a reaction to her IG story about Andrew’s threats to David. She praised David for his candor and empowerment of women while denouncing Andrew’s behavior.

David publicly condemned Andrew’s threats and said that Andrew is just trying to make himself relevant. David said, “In my opinion he is a wannabe so he tried to pick a fight with a 52 year old man. He is in love with himself and treats women as objects. I am sorry it goes against everything I believe in. With that said, best of luck to him.”

Andrew also did a Q & A on IG where he threw shade at Amira

Andrew took to IG to answer follow questions and ended up using the opportunity to throw shade at Amira.

He dispelled rumors that he was active on Reddit, where there are a lot of hateful posts about him. He declared for the record that he and Amira are not together, and he talked about his hair.

One follower asked him if he travels alone and if he has any tips. He snidely wrote for his third point on the subject, “Don’t misrepresent yourself to border agents.” This comment seemingly was a jab at Amira’s traumatic rejection from the Mexico border when she was trying to get to America at Andrew’s behest.

Ig story from Andrew Kenton
Andrew answers fan questions while dissing Amira. Pic credit: @kinddragondrew/Instagram

Another follower asked him if he has a “type” when it comes to women, to which he replied, “Apparently Europeans that have a passion for ‘makeup news.’”

Ig story from Andrew Kenton
Andrew dissing Amira through an IG fan answer. Pic credit: @kinddragondrew/Instagram

Andrew did not earn himself any fans by starting and escalating a feud between himself and David, but it did cause a wealth of entertaining drama for onlookers.

90 Day Fiancé airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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