90 Day Fiancé fans expressed their feelings after Amira’s decision about Andrew

Amira and Andrew from 90 Day Fiance
Amira made her decision about staying with or leaving Andrew and fans were there for it.

During this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Amira decided not to go to America after much volatile conversation back and forth with Andrew.

The night before her flight, Andrew sent a bunch of texts gaslighting Amira for the fight they had over her not wanting children with him since they fight too much.

Andrew sent her a ticket to Paris and told her to choose between her original flight to America or this new one to Paris. He followed that up by demanding the ring back if she chose Paris.

Once at the airport, Amira made the choice to go to America, but after asking her father for advice and having a panic attack, she changed her mind and decided to give up on her relationship with Andrew.

Fans went crazy on social media

Based on fan reaction, it seems like supporters of Amira have been anxious to get the point where Amira had to decide on her fate with Andrew, and they are celebrating that she chose to dump him.

When Amira spoke about her panic attack, one fan pointed out that instead of a panic attack, it was her intuition showing itself.

Fans started turning against Andrew when he guilted Amira into trying to get into Mexico first. When that didn’t work out and Amira was detained, his lack of compassion for Amira’s feelings and continued vacation rubbed fans the wrong way.

Andrew berated Amira over text the night before she was set to fly to America. He said things like, “The children at the day care are far better team players. You make your choices.”

He also heavily pressured her to make a decision by saying, “If you’ve got any talking to do I strongly suggest you engage me now. My time is limited.”

Fans were not happy with his toxic way of communicating.

Fans react to Andrews gaslighting Amira over text. Pic credit: @u/Retroman360/Reddit
Fans give their two cents on Andrews’s character. Pic credit: @the_spiraline/Reddit

What is next for Amira?

Amira’s father threatened that if she chose to follow through and marry Andrew that he would stop talking to her. But, he answered her call for advice while she was at the airport and Amira listened to him.

Amira is an only child and it seems like their relationship can be repaired with Andrew out of the picture.

As far as dating since Andrew, Amira is rumored to be dating a guy in California named Camel Ventura. Although they have not been featured anywhere together, they like and comment on each other’s pictures leading fans to think there is more there.

There is another rumor swirling around Reddit that Amira has been trying to find men to bring her to America on a prison message board and a visa site.

Reddit users speculate about Amira’s dating life and desire to come to America. Pic credit: @u/jaycexo/Reddit

While fans are happy that Amira got away from Andrew and his misogynistic and insensitive behavior, they are still wanting to know about Amira’s motivations and current situation.

90 Day Fiancé airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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