90 Day Fiance viewers sound off on Emily Bieberly’s behavior and enabling by her parents

Emily, David and Lisa Bieberly
90 Day Fiance viewers weighed in on Emily Bieberly and the enabling done by her parents. Pic credit: TLC

A resounding view from 90 Day Fiance viewers about Emily Bieberly has emerged on social media after the latest episode where she asked her parents to pay for her wedding.

90 Day fans have bashed 29-year-old Emily for being financially supported by her parents, being titled as wearing the pants in her house, and demonstrating a controlling personality.

These points were apparent to viewers during the scene where she asked her family for money. The internet has been on fire with opinions about Emily’s behavior and her parents’ enabling.

Many 90 Day viewers have also called out a different problematic point — Emily and her parents have been pointing the blame for the situation toward Kobe.

90 Day Fiance viewers weighed in on Emily Bieberly and her parents

On Instagram, a popular 90 Day fan page reshared a clip from the latest episode where Emily asked her parents to pay for her wedding,

In the clip, Emily brought up being concerned about money to her parents as they sat on the couch, and her dad delivered a deep breath while he and Emily’s mom looked up slowly.

A comment over the video read, “It’s the hard sigh for us.”

The comments section had plenty of opinions on the scene and situation from other 90 Day Fiance viewers.

One remarked, “I felt bad for her parents up until this scene. They have a 30 year old woman with zero life skills still living with them. They’ve obviously never expected much from her and always gave her a free ride.”

Another said, “This family has not taught Emily one thing about mana gong her finances, or being independent at nearly 30 years old. NOT ONE THING!”

Instagram comments about Emily Bieberly
Pic credit: @90daycouple/Instagram

Other 90 Day Fiance viewers sounded off about Emily Bieberly and her parents

90 Day Fiance viewers on Twitter also launched their opinions about Emily and her parents.

One meme featured someone taking a sip of water while looking surprised with a caption that read, “Emily’s parents really think that Kobe is the problem when they raised Emily to be a lazy, disrespectful, freeloading daughter??”

Another jabbed, “Before inquiring what Kobe will do for employment once he gets his green card, Emily’s parents should be asking her why she DOES NOT HAVE A JOB ALREADY.” The clapping hand emoji was put in between the words in capitals for emphasis.

Tweet about Emily Bieberly
Pic credit: @oucrimsongirl/Twitter

Yet another 90 Day fan’s opinion stated, “Emily’s parents have enabled her for her entire life. She’s never had to have a job or pay a bill. Why are they acting like this is all Kobe’s fault all of a sudden?”

Tweet about Emily Bieberly
Pic credit: @snaccdaddy1972/Twitter

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Elizabeth Ann Maino
Elizabeth Ann Maino
1 year ago

Emily is not a nice person. Her parents failed their jobs in raising her to be an independent, responsible woman. She doesn’t work, she sponges off her parents, and she’s given Kobe crap. Kobe should run and fast away from this controlling belittling Emily. She has no respect for him. She has no respect for herself so how could she have respect for anybody else. She really pisses me off. And I don’t like her

1 year ago

Am I the only one who has begun fast forwarding thru her segment. She is complete)y obnoxious. Cant stand her. They are worried about Kobe getting a job, because they expect him to 100% take care of her like they have done. Sickening.

1 year ago
Reply to  Moonwaif

I am actually embarrassed to have her representing Kansas because she is so bossy and demanding of him and treating him like a child. The baby is his also and he should be allowed to have time with him without her giving him step by step instructions and treating him so rude.The way she treated him when he was working in the barn he should have handed her the shovel and told her to do it. She comes across as a lazy person who has probably never worked a day in her life because she has parents who support her. I wonder if her parents have asked her what kind of job she’s going to get.