90 Day Fiance recap: Poison in the honey

Jibri Bell, Kara Bass, and Bilal Hazziez
This week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance had many dramatic moments. Pic credit: TLC

Major red flag moments occurred for the 90 Day Fiance couples during this week’s episode as they draw closer to the 90 day deadline to get married.

New and old concerns were raised within the relationships and outside opinions were abundant which caused several unconformable situations and conversations.

Glaring concerns showed themselves among the 90 Day Fiance couples

Jibri and David concluded their tussle over Miona while trying to record a song in the production studio. They agreed to table the disagreement and put out a song they all liked.

Miona met with Jibri’s bandmate Brandi and Miona looked at wedding dresses. She told Brandi that she expected Jibri to stick up for her more.

Jibri and David sat down to hash things out and Jibri laid out all his concerns about Miona’s priorities being mainly on herself and how hard of a time he was having with that.

Mohamed and Yve sat down the morning after Yve came home late after hanging out with her friend. Mohamed chastised her for it and said that he thought her friends were poisoning her against him.

Yve wanted Mohamed to understand that she did not have intentions to conform to his way of life and that she was surprised by how much he wanted her to change.

Mohamed reminded Yve that she saw the way he was when she visited him four times in Egypt but she said that wasn’t like real life.

Mohemed Abdelhamed
Yve and Mohamed had an uncomfortable conversation about how they are going to get along in the relationship being so different. Pic credit: TLC

Kobe and Emily went on a date horseback riding before Emily sat down solo with her parents to ask them to pay for the wedding. They agreed but voiced their concerns about how Kobe and Emily were going to become independent.

Emily’s dad David sat down with Kobe to ask what his financial and life plan was to support Emily and Koban.

He said that he wanted to work with David at his architecture company so that he could take over the company one day. David was annoyed and shocked by Kobe’s intentions and found out that Kobe had no schooling or experience to back that up.

Tensions were apparent on this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance

Shaeeda spent time cooking with Bilal’s daughter Zaynah and some of the things Shaeeda said and was pushing, like being called “Umi,” made Zaynah feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Bilal, Shaeeda, and the kids went on an outing on scooters. Bilal and Shaeeda got into an argument because Shaeeda claimed that Bilal always had to win a conversation. Bilal said he had never argued so much in his life as he had with Shaeeda.

Patrick and his brother had a conversation about Thais’ attitude and ungratefulness before Patrick and Thais went out on a date.

Patrick gave Thais gifts, one of which being an iPhone, but told her she could not use the location tracking if she wanted the phone. An upset Thais brought up Patrick’s past infidelity and they both told their different sides. However, they agreed to put the cheating in the past.

John surprised Thais and Patrick by saying he was throwing a house party. Patrick’s coworkers and a bunch of random girls came over and Patrick’s behavior actually made Thais feel better and they had a messy PDA session in front of the people at the party.

Thais Mendes, Patrick Mendes and John at their house party
Thais had more fun than she thought at the party John threw at their house. Pic credit: TLC

Kara and Guillermo talked about wedding plans and Kara thought Guillermo was being naive about the cost and said she just wanted a court house wedding and a bigger wedding later on.

They toured a wedding venue and found out the expensive price. That led to a conversation where Guillermo said he wanted Kara to fix some of the controlling and negative qualities he was seeing in her.

Ariela and Biniyam were not featured in this episode.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c and Disovery+.

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1 year ago

The females this season, are the meanest, hatefiol controlling, negative witches all in one season, EVER!! These couples are rudiculous.
“Daveed” is spot on about Miona, she’s self centered and money hungry. It’s all about her. Not gonna last if jibri has any common sense, he will run as fast as he can.
Yve, is another embarrassment to American women EVERYWHERE, I believe Mohamed, it’s totally believable that Yve was so different when they were together before he came to America (still thinking of that dress she had on, where the viewers could clearly see through it to her black things!) She also needed to research his religious beliefs and customs, she’s offensive to his culture.
Emily is yet another embarrassment to American women EVERYWHERE, she is rude, extremely controlling, and should consider Kobe’s culture. She’s a hateful controlling witch, and her whole family is treating Kobe like dirt!
Shaeeda is another controlling female, and Bilal should not allow her to try to force his kids to call her “Umi” or “Mom” EVER! They have a Mom, they don’t feel comfortable calling her Mom, and should call Shaeeda by her name. If and when they call her any kind of “Mom” should be up to them!! She is another “unlikeable” stuck up female!
Thais is yet another controlling, hateful female. She needs to get over the fact that John lives with them. He lived with Patrick before her, and just whi gave her the right to make the “rules?” She didn’t do one thing to have claims on ANYTHING he owns!
Kara is yet another embarrassment to American women EVERYWHERE! She’s a controlling witch, and in no way deserves Guillermo. She treats him worse than something a dog does in the yard! Guillermo needs to put his foot down about her, she certainly doesn’t deserve him! ⁷⁷