90 Day Fiance viewers call out Mohamed for picking and choosing which Muslim rules to follow

Mohamed Abdelhamed
90 Day Fiance viewers slammed Mohamed Abdelhamed for being selective about which Muslim rules to follow. Pic credit: TLC

New 90 Day Fiance cast member Mohamed Abdelhamed has come under fire from viewers after the latest episode aired where he dropped Muslim rules on his fiancee Yvette (Yve).

Yve had hired a plumber to install the bidet, and she was in the bathroom area with the plumber when Mohamed walked into the situation and got upset. He explained that his religion did not allow women to be in the same vicinity as a man alone.

Furthermore, in his subsequent discussion with Yve, Mohamed let her know what behavior of hers was acceptable to him, in what Yve said was a growing list.

90 Day Fiance fans have laid into Mohamed for what they see as him picking and choosing what Muslim rules to follow since there are obvious ones that he has broken and continues to break.

90 Day Fiance viewers slammed Mohamed Abdelhamed for being selective about Muslim rules

After the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance aired, Twitter lit up with viewers who were critical of what they felt was Mohamed being selective about what Muslim rules to follow.

One person commented, “If it’s not alright for a man and a woman to be alone together, then why is it alright for Mohamed to stay with Yves? Correct me if I’m wrong, and I very well may be, but I feel like he’s picking which rules work for him on a case by case basis.”

Tweet about Mohamed Abdelhamed
Pic credit: @tchtchtawking/Twitter

Another viewer remarked, “So Mohamed just makes up the rules as he goes along, cuz they not supposed to be alone either.”

Someone else petitioned, “No, Yve. This is your house. Do not allow Mohamed to dictate your life. He’s already broken plenty of Islamic rules just by sleeping with you before marriage.”

Tweet about Mohamed Abdelhamed
Pic credit: @julez_91/Twitter

Mohamed Abdelhamed and Yvette Arellano will have a major culture clash again

Based on the trailer for the next episode of 90 Day Fiance, it looks like Mohamed and Yve will argue about Yve wearing a bikini in another culture clash.

Mohamed and Yve met online when he slid into her DMs after finding a picture of her in a bikini. Yve will remind Mohamed about this point, and the pair will get into a nasty fight.

Mohamed questions whether the bikini is more important than him, and fans will have to watch the episode to find out how their fight will end.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c and Disovery+.

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