90 Day Fiance recap: Have to turn this car around

Patrick Mendes, Yvette Arellano, and Guillermo Rojer
The problems in the relationships of the 90 Day Fiance couples were presented during this week’s episode. Pic credit: TLC

This week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance had some spicy situations and awkward tensions that presented viewers with more issues that the couples face.

Each couple ran into cultural differences, and there were some miscommunications and misunderstandings that showed viewers how much work these couples must put in within the 90 days.

Uncomfortable moments happened on 90 Day Fiance this week

Ariela and Biniyam talked about their financial situation, and Ariela revealed that she had been the one to handle the finances in their relationship.

They put their stressors aside so that Ari could show Bini her town in New Jersey, and then they went to New York, where Ari showed Bini around for the first time.

While in New York, Bini said that he wanted to move there, and it stressed Ari out because she felt like Bini was not understanding how much their finances were making her uneasy.

Guillermo and Kara met up with Kara’s best friend Hillary and her fiance and Hillary grilled Guillermo. When asked what annoyed him about Kara, he responded by saying that he hated Kara’s drinking.

He explained that she drinks in excess, and it makes him uncomfortable. Kara and Guillermo also admitted that they looked through each other’s phones and that Kara threw Guillermo’s clothes out of a window before over his ex.

Guillermo Rojer and Kara Bass
Guillermo and Kara talked about the problems in their relationship with Kara’s friend. Pic credit: TLC

Jibri’s mom Mahala showed Miona how to use the washing machine and asked her to cover up more around the house out of respect. Miona made it clear that she did not want to change herself but that she would abide by the rules.

She conveyed the conversation to Jibri who then had a talk with his mother and let her know that Miona was upset by their conversation. Mahala asked Jibri bigger questions about his compatibility with Miona and said that she did not give her blessing on the relationship at that point.

The 90 Day Fiance couples still have a lot to learn about each other

Shaeeda hit Bilal and grabbed his face several times in what she thought was playful, but he took it as an act of violence. The fight happened on the way to Bilal’s mosque, where Shaeeda would be meeting Bilal’s ex-wife.

Bilal picked up his kids, and they all went to the mosque, but Bilal ignored Shaeeda and didn’t introduce her to anyone. He dropped her off at home afterward and went out with his kids.

When he returned, Bilal and Shaeeda sat down and had a talk about what happened, and Shaeeda apologized and said that she wouldn’t do it again. She blamed the incident on their cultural differences.

Shaeeda Sneed and Bilal Hazziez
Shaeeda and Bilal had a major disagreement. Pic credit: TLC

Mohamed became upset with Yvette after he found her alone in the bathroom while a plumber installed the bidet. He urged her to adhere to Muslim practices and Yvette complained that it was not her culture but that she would try to abide by Mohamed’s religious rules.

Patrick and Thais arrived at Patrick’s home and Thais met Patrick’s brother John in person for the first time.

The next morning over breakfast, Thais and John had an uncomfortable exchange over John drinking one morning before noon before Patrick and Thais left the room. Later that night, the three of them went out mini-golfing and appeared to get along.

John and Patrick sat down and had a heart-to-heart about their hopes that Thais and John would get along.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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