90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Miona is disappointed with her new living situation with Jibri

Miona does not like her new living arrangements.
Miona is disappointed with her new living arrangement. Pic credit: @mionabell/Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Moana Bell is anything but joyful over her new living situation.

As Jibri and Miona embark on their new adventure, the difficulties will be massive with Miona’s attitude. 

Miona doesn’t like Rapid City

As seen in last week’s episode, Jibri met Miona in person. He brought out all the goodies with his grand gesture of a red carpet and flowers.

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However, in this week’s sneak peek episode, the two are seen in the car driving, while Miona had a horrible attitude the entire time.

Jibri asked Miona if she liked what she saw during the car ride as he pointed to the open fields and serenity; however, her answer was less than shocking. 

Miona Gets Her First Taste of Rapid City | 90 Day Fiancé

Miona looked annoyed and said, “there is nothing.” 

Miona did not like the aspect that she would be living in the country, as she is a city girl. 

She admitted that she did not do any research on Rapid City before she arrived in the United States. Miona said, I didn’t know much about Rapid City before I came here, but the first thing that I noticed is there’s a lot of cars and nobody walking.” 

Miona said that the excessive number of cars was much different from where she used to live. Miona, having come from a country where walking was ideal, gave her a bit of a culture shock. 

90 Day Fiance fans are on opposing sides regarding Miona’s reaction

One fan commented, “As someone from the same city as her, I understand the disappointment. But at the same time, did she not look into where she is going BEFORE she went?? Isn’t that kinda a no-brainer? To google it or, you know, ask your partner?!”

Some fans understand Miona's disappointment.
Pic credit: 90DayFiance/YouTube

Although Miona’s attitude was a bit sour, some fans were critical of Jibri’s character. 

One fan said, “He baited her. Americans don’t even want to be in South Dakota. He brought a city girl to….that. I don’t appreciate the dishonesty. He’s calling it a “hard time compromising,” but he kept adjusting the timeline as they were moving through the visa process. He promised LA, then South Dakota for a bit, then South Dakota for a couple years. Come on.”

Some fans believe Jibri baited Miona.
Pic credit: 90DayFiance/YouTube

Although Miona did not have an excellent attitude initially, there is still much to unravel between the two throughout the season, and perhaps her mood may change the longer she stays. 

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c

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