90 Day Fiance update: Are Tim and Melyza still together?

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Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta have been trying to make their relationship work on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Although the original plan was for Melyza to move to the US, his infidelity with a co-worker quickly scrapped those plans.

He packed up his life in Dallas and took to Colombia with his service cat Pepino to prove his commitment to his girlfriend. However – life in Medellin wasn’t as easy as he thought.

With the inability to speak Spanish, along with failing to find a company to sponsor him, finding a job was proving to be harder than he thought.

Tim left for Texas

Upon his arrival, Melyza has a secret of her own to share with Tim. She reveals that she slept with someone in their time apart.

She emphasizes that her situation was different and they weren’t back together officially.

With relationship problems piling up and his savings quickly diminishing, he decides to buy a plane ticket without consulting Melyza first.

He plans on returning back to Colombia once he finds a job. When she asks for a definitive date, he says, “If you’re looking for a concrete date, I don’t know.”

After lying about leaving his job and buying a plane ticket home, she questions if he was really serious about the move to South America. She’s convinced he moved just to keep her close to him.

By leaving Colombia, Tim is faced with the possibility that he may never see Melyza again.

She posted she was happier

Melyza posted a cryptic message on Instagram after the episode of Tim leaving for the US aired.

Posting a rare photo with her smiling, she captioned the photo, “Plays “Happier” in the background.”


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A post shared by Melyza (@melyzazeta)

The caption has fans wondering if this means Melyza is happier without Tim in Colombia.

While Tim and Melyza can’t give too many details while the show is airing, he does often make his appearance in her comment section on Instagram.

Looking like a siren in a red dress, Tim shows his agreement by leaving the “?” emoji on her photo.

Pic Credit: @melyzazeta/Instagram

To which Melyza replies, “You ah ?”. 

With only a few episodes left before the Tell All, we’ll be finding out soon the ending of Tim and Melyza’s story.

Do you think this couple is still together?

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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