90 Day Fiance: Melyza angry at Tim for keeping more secrets because he didn’t quit his job in Texas

It’s safe to say Melyza doesn’t take Tim’s back up plans well. Pic Credit: TLC

Tim Clarkson is trying to prove his commitment to Melyza Zeta by moving to a new country, getting a job, and coming clean to her family – but he failed to mention that he didn’t completely leave his life in the US.

On the midseason finale of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Tim admitted to Melyza that he’s thankful he still has his job at home in case this blows up in his face.

Tim has a backup plan in case the relationship doesn’t work, and Melyza took that as him not being “all in” like he said he was. That was especially hurtful to her considering she already has reason not to trust Tim.

After Melyza’s reaction, Tim accused her of not being fully committed to the relationship herself, to which Melyza replied, “I didn’t ask you to come here.”

This entire season has consisted of Tim digging himself out of a hole that is only getting deeper.

He’s having issues getting a job in Colombia

Due to Tim’s limited Spanish and the fact that he is not a citizen of Colombia, it’s safe to say that Tim will have issues finding a job.

Because Tim is in Colombia only on a visitor’s visa, he needs to obtain a worker’s permit in order to work. The fastest way to get a worker’s permit is to get married, an idea that Melyza won’t even consider.

Although Melyza did say she used to see herself marrying him one day, Tim’s cheating changed everything. She doesn’t want to jump into a marriage she doesn’t trust solely to help him get a job.

Tim’s only other option to legally work in Colombia is finding a company to sponsor him, which is very difficult.

He’s digging himself out of an even bigger hole

Tim’s omission of the fact that he still has a job in Texas is part of a bigger pattern. When Melyza found out about Tim’s previous infidelity, it was not because he told her, but because she found out through social media.

The fact that Melyza is still finding out more information even though Tim is being “truthful” alarms her. However, she did admit to hiding somethings herself.

It’s clear this couple has a lot to work on before walking down the aisle.

90 Day: The Other Way returns Sunday, October 11th on TLC

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