90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott responds to mean comments about her wedding

Rebecca and Zied from 90 Day Fiance
Rebecca received a lot of criticism from followers on Instagram for her wedding and dress, but she clapped back at the haters. Pic credit: TLC

This week, viewers saw some of the cast members from Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé get married, and one of those couples was Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi.

After the episode aired, there was one mean post from Reddit about how Rebecca looked at her wedding brought over to Instagram, which Rebecca saw and commented on.

The post jabbed at the way Rebecca looked in her dress and made a comment that played on Rebecca’s past worry of whether Zied was going to look good at the wedding.

Rebecca jumped into the comments and defended herself, which took off in a series of other followers commenting on what she said and the post in general.

She also got a wealth of supportive and positive comments, but it was the negative and bashing comments that really stood out and which Rebecca was responding to.

Rebecca Parrott stood up for herself

The post read, “All I can think of when I’m looking at these pictures is…WHY?? WHY REBECCA WHY? (crying face emoji) and you were worried about Zied.”

Rebecca replied, “Because I had to get married during LOCKDOWN. Maybe that’s why I was crying and throwing the dress in a suitcase??”

Ig Comments
Rebecca commented back at the mean IG post. Pic credit: @90daywdfbitch/Instagram

Many followers told her to just ignore the hate, and assured her that she looked beautiful. One of her supporters declared, “With the time restraints and covid restrictions everything looked amazing.”

Rebecca replied to her supporter by saying, “I married Zied, regardless of how the wedding went. So I’m happy (heart emoji).” 

IG comments
Rebecca set the record straight that she was a winner in love despite the haters. Pic credit: @90daywdfbitch/Instagram

Other followers were not so nice. One fan commented about how this is her fourth marriage and she should have more dresses on deck while another commented that she looked like, “a can of honey buttered biscuits!”

Instagram comments
Haters shared their mean comments about Rebecca. Pic credit: @90daywdfbitch/Instagram
Ig Comments
Fans had more mean comments about Rebecca. Pic credit: @90daywdfbitch/Instagram

Fans also commented on the original post on Reddit, where they talked more in-depth about the nature of her relationship and other things that bother them about Rebecca.

Reddit comments
Reddit users chimed in on what they think of Rebecca. Pic credit: @u/ok-firefighter72/Reddit

What is next for Rebecca and Zied?

Now that they are married, all they have to worry about is getting Zied his green card so he can work and they can finally build the life they imagined.

Rebecca underwent a transformative cosmetic surgery to remove extra skin from her stomach and she said it was life changing.

She also let her viewers know that she has been working at the restaurant less and has been focused more on taking better care of herself.

A new season of Happily Ever After is premiering Sunday, April 25 at 8/7c on TLC, and there are three couples who have yet to be announced. Since Zied and Rebecca are fan favorites, there is a possibility they could make it on the show.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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