90 Day Fiance: Karine Martins in crop top and joggers is feeling happy

Karine Martins
Karine Martins has been enjoying some big life changes lately. Pic credit: @staehlekarine/Instagram

90 Day Fiance alum, Karine Martins, is back on social media, and she’s got quite a lot going on despite not filming for the TLC show anymore and ending her marriage to Paul Staehle after a more than tumultuous relationship.

Karine recently posted a seemingly lighthearted selfie while sporting a black robe, rose gold-colored crop top, and matching joggers. Despite her family woes, the mom of two appeared happy and relaxed.

In the photo, she had a half-smile, and if she was wearing any makeup at all, it was very natural.

The former reality star captioned the photo with a simple “Happy Sunday” followed by a kiss emoji.

Karine separated from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Paul Staehle, earlier this year, and their sons, Pierre and Ethan, were taken into foster care just months later.

Even though her children are in state custody, Karine reportedly sees them weekly and is hopeful they will be returned to her soon.

Karine started a fundraiser to get her kids back

In a bid to regain custody of her children, Karine Martins started a GoFundMe campaign to hire an attorney to battle CPS in court.

Karine wrote in her campaign description: “Hello my name is Karine. I am an immigrant from Brazil. My two Brazilian children were taken from my [sic] by American CPS because me and my husband argued in front of our children.”

Although, it seems unusual to have CPS involved in a simple argument, Karine and Paul have accused each other of domestic violence throughout their relationship. In December 2021, Karine was seen assaulting Paul in a surveillance video, and it was happening in front of their child. To date, she has raised $2,320 of her $5,000 campaign goal.

Karine reportedly has a new reality star boyfriend

Perhaps her upbeat look is the work of her new boo, Josh Seiter, the former reality star from The Bachelorette. Although Karine hadn’t officially confirmed her relationship on social media, thanks to her soon-to-be ex, Paul, they were outed November 3 in a now-deleted comment on her Instagram page.

A Reddit fan, Margaretmayhemm, was able to screen capture the comment and share it for reddit 90 Day readers. Paul commented, “I hope you two had a good date today,” followed by, “I am very happy you found someone who makes you happy.”

Josh also seems to want to help Karine get her kids back and even donated $305 to her GoFundMe campaign.

He also recently shared a photo of himself alongside a smiling Karine in a red crop top and matching shorts while spending time together in a park, which definitely set tongues wagging about his latest romance with a 90 Day Fiance star.

The Bachelorette alum, Josh Seiter previously dated a 90 Day Fiance star

The former Bachelorette contestant was previously engaged to 90 Day Fiance alumni, Yolanda Leak — though that was over almost as fast as it started. Fans may remember Yolanda, who was catfished by a romance scammer named Williams and then blackmailed with compromising photos. However, Joshua was accused of cheating on Yolanda with his son’s mother, and was blasted in a leaked video.

Josh sparked more rumors with another 90 Day Fiance star, Avery Warner, though she denied any romance and claimed they just chatted briefly.

He popped up in the world of reality TV again when he popped up in a series of photos with Love After Lockup’s Lizzie Kommes back in February 2021. Again, the relationship fizzled quickly but not before more cheating allegations.

Whatever the case may be, Karine appears happy and healthy with her new man and is closer to reaching her goal of getting her children back in her life.

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