Exclusive: Josh Seiter responds to claims he cheated on 90 Day Fiance’s Yolanda Leak

Josh Seiter
Josh Seiter is breaking his silence after claims he cheated on Yolanda Leak. Pic credit: @Josh_seiter_official/Instagram

Josh Seiter has been making quite a few headlines after revealing that his engagement to Yolanda Leak has ended.

The Bachelorette alum has been linked to another 90 Day Fiance star, Avery Warner, which he has since denied, and now, there are allegations that Josh cheated on Yolanda during their time together.

Josh Seiter accused of cheating on Yolanda Leak

Recently, a video was leaked where Josh was caught on camera “admitting” that he was cheating with his baby mama while still engaged to Yolanda Leak.

In the video, which showed Josh with his back to the camera, he can be heard ranting. He said, “I don’t even know what the problem is with you. I’m still taking care of our son. I still hook up with you even though I’m engaged to Yolanda. Like, you literally have issues dude and it doesn’t matter what I do, you’re still going to be mad at me.”

Josh responds after leaked video

After the video of a shirtless Josh Seiter was leaked by another outlet, Monsters & Critics spoke exclusively with him about what happened.

He did not deny that he has a child and that he keeps his child away from the public view. And based on what Josh told us, he has a very good reason for it.

“It is true I have a child, and it’s something I’ve chosen to keep from the public because the child is mixed race,” Josh explained.

“When posted him on my Facebook he became the target of racist messages. I wanted to spare him any additional hate because of the color of his skin. I have always helped take care of my son and am involved in his life,” he continued.

Josh also opened up about those cheating allegations. After all, he said in the video that he and his ex were still hooking up. Now, he’s sharing the timeline of that hookup.

“In the video, I did say me and my baby’s mother were hooking up, but we only had sex after Yolanda stopped returning my messages and a couple weeks before I ended the engagement. If this makes me a bad person, so be it,” Josh told Monsters & Critics.

Curious about whether Josh fathered a child while dating Yolanda, we asked about his son, whom he has been so private about and it turns out that the child is 9 years old.

Previously, when speaking with Josh, he told Monsters & Critics that he and Avery Warner are friends and nothing else.

He also revealed that he has moved on since his engagement to Yolanda Leak ended and is now dating someone new. That was the reason that Josh decided to remove his Yolanda tattoo.

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2 years ago

He’s lying. He doesn’t have a son. He’s never mentioned having a kid before, not even when he said he wanted to have kids with Yolanda. He has a cat named Oliver, but he doesn’t have a son. He’s just trying to keep his name in the media. There isn’t any evidence of a kid in any of his pictures on his Instagram page. He’s always posting pics of his apartment, and there aren’t any kids’ toys. Even if the kid lived with the mom he never said anything about him before. He staged that video with someone else to make it look like he has a son but he doesn’t.