Exclusive: Josh Seiter hits back at allegations he’s cheating on Love After Lockup’s Lizzie Kommes

Josh Seiter and Lizzie Kommes
Josh Seiter and Lizzie Kommes get up close and personal. Pic credit: @Josh_Seiter_Official/Instagram

Josh Seiter was recently accused of cheating on his Love After Lockup girlfriend Lizzie Kommes after a woman came forward with screenshots showing The Bachelorette alum on the Bumble dating app.

Initially, Josh spoke out on Instagram, calling out the website that posted the cheating allegations, upset that he didn’t have a chance to refute the claims or prove his innocence.

Now, he is speaking to Monsters & Critics exclusively as he clears up the timeline of his Bumble account and tells us that he knows who made the claims and why.

We asked Josh about the allegations, asking Josh, “If asked, what would your response have been?”

Josh Seiter responds to allegations that he is cheating on Lizzie Kommes

Josh told Monsters & Critics exclusively, “My response to the cheating allegations would be the truth: that those screenshots are from an old Bumble profile I had in July of 2020 before I began dating Yolanda [Leak from 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days]. I had been seeing a girl from the site named [name redacted], but when me and Yolanda began dating in August, I stopped seeing her and kind of ghosted her. This must have angered her and she has spent the last eight months harassing me and spreading false rumors.”

And as for the Bumble account, Josh told us, “I am no longer on bumble or Tinder and haven’t been on a dating site since July 2020.”

When it comes to his romance with Love After Lockup star Lizzie Kommes, Josh assures us that everything is still going great. In fact, the two were scheduled for a meetup recently, but it had to be pushed back due to the recent death of his grandfather.

Instead, Josh and Lizzie are planning to see each other again in two weeks.

Lizzie’s reaction to the latest Josh Seiter story

However, when the cheating allegations first came out, Lizzie was not a happy camper. Josh, who recently let M&C dig through his financials in an effort to figure out his net worth, said, “Lizzie was angry at first, she’s the one who forwarded me the article, but after I explained the situation to her, she now knows the truth is I haven’t cheated on her.”

He assured us that he has nothing but the best intentions in his relationship with Lizzie, telling us, “My intentions with Lizzie are to continue to get to know and spend time with her. We have both been extremely busy but it’s been nice having someone I can talk to every day.”

Josh also admitted that the pair have exchanged “I love yous” and things are really starting to sound serious between them.

When asked about the “concerned woman” who has been sharing screenshots in an effort to warn Lizzie, Josh insists that it has to be the woman he met on Bumble months ago. He explained that the rumor spreader has to be the “ghosted bumble woman who can’t deal with the fact that I’ve moved on and have no desire to be with her.”

It looks like the latest rumors won’t be enough to bring down Josh Seiter and Lizzie Kommes, who we hope will share details from their next date.

Love After Lockup is currently on hiatus.

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